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UK Tiki Bartenders: Your Country Needs YOU!

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Bacardi Tiki Take Over 2014  

This April the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival returns to our rummy schedules and with the International Tiki Competition, we were upset to miss the last one having seen all the ones previously – but the very best news is that 2014 is shaping to be the best one yet.  I’m taking a moment to post about the Bacardi Tiki Take Over as this year see’s the UK team being put together in a different manner and if you’ve a mind to go to the bright lights of Miami and take part in one of the most rummy-fun competitions ever, then you need to read on…
The Bacardi team and team captain (Miami Tiki Veteran Lyndon Higginson) are holding three regional heats to find the very best rum and Tiki loving members of the UK bartending world to form a dream team to defend the UK’s unbeaten record.  Official details follow, but you could do worse than ‘bone-up’ in readiness by checking out some of the articles I’ve featured in the past (click here for a link to the full list).  Oh and some of the Facebook photo albums from previous years too…  Click here, here, here and here!
Bacardi Tiki Take Over 2014
Rumours abound that it’s not just UK vs US.  This one looks like it could be global and so the chance to lay ultimate Tiki smack downs on other countries is on the cards too!  That’s a win in its own right... Right?
Tiki Bartenders: Your Country Needs YOU!

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Official blurb:

To be in for a chance to win a rum trip to Miami and represent the UK in a Global Tiki Championships, send your original drinks recipe to Shervene [at] bacardi [dot] com
Anyone can enter, just state which final you hope to attend.
Deadlines for submission (a week before each final)
Glasgow - 2nd March (Finals on 9th March at The Tiki Bar and Kitsch Inn)
Manchester - 4th March (Finals on 11th March at The Liar’s Club)
London - 9th March (Finals on 16th March at Trailer Happiness)
Agenda of the Day and Format of the Competition
  1. Shervene Shahbazkhani – UK BACARDÍ Brand Ambassador
  2. Metinee Kongsrivilai – UK BACARDÍ On-Trade Brand Ambassador
  3. Lyndon Higginson – Team Captain of UK Tiki Team
  4. TBC
Important: You MUST Arrive at 2pm!
Rum Test:
20 questions on Rum History, production, the Tiki culture and classic rum cocktail specs.
This is also a when each participant will have a chance to sample BACARDÍ Black in preparation for the mystery box round.
Original drinks (No time limit):
There are no rules other than to use BACARDÍ 8yo, BACARDÍ Gold or BACARDI Black as the dominant spirit.  Number of serves is up to you.
The Mystery Box (5 minutes time limit):
A mystery box of ingredients and props will be given to each participant.
They must use BACARDÍ Black and will be judged based on the creativity of the cocktail as well as entertaining presentation.
The top three frontrunners are then announced...
Speed Round:
The top three bartenders will then battle it out in a speed round to win the space on the UK team, out in Miami.
  1. Mojito
  2. Pina Colada
  3. Cuba libre
  4. Mai-tai
  5. Daiquiri
Judging Criteria
Rum Test (20 points)
1 Point awarded for each correct answer. Half points will also be considered.
Original Drink (50 points)
Taste – Out of 20
Presentation – Out of 20
Appearance – Out of 10
Mystery Box (30 points)
Creativity – Out of 10
Presentation – Out of 10
Taste – Out of 10
Speed Round
5 seconds will be knocked off the total time for each un-servable drink

Hashtag: #BACARDITikiUK


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