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BACARDI ORBIT: Truly Space Aged

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A Giant Step For Rum Kind!  

Our journalistic digging around for leads following the leaked NASA document we ran the other day has prompted a formal release and it’s blown our (tiny) minds!  Check this out:
Today BACARDI® -- the world's favourite and best-selling premium rum -- announces the launch of BACARDI® ORBIT™, the most noteworthy product introduction from BACARDI since the brand's inception in 1862.  Following its 150th anniversary, the introduction of BACARDI ORBIT reaffirms the brand's progressive mentality on rum production with expressions now across all rum segments -- traditional, flavoured, spiced and space aged.
BACARDI ORBIT is a marriage between modern technology and traditional techniques.  The spirit ties their core essence: a forward thinking mentality and a homage and respect of the past.  These timeless qualities are reflected in the bold taste of BACARDI ORBIT; a smooth, experimental rum with a unique velvet like smoothness only achievable through this method of ageing.  Straight from the heart of charred American white oak barrels, this expertly blended premium rum specialty has spent 3 years aboard the international space station. BACARDI ORBIT will be a very limited release of only 750 bottles April 2014 at a suggested retail price of $8000 for a 750-ml bottle.  
"BACARDI ORBIT has been launched to push our traditional aging techniques to the next level. Delivering a product with the credentials of a brand that created modern rum in 1862,"  "BACARDI ORBIT was created to as a landmark for generations to come. The first spirit ever to be aged in outer space. BACARDI have worked closely with NASA on this project. With our tradition and rum knowhow and NASA’s expertise in the field of space exploration, this introduction is a major development for our brand and BACARDI ORBIT is set to make headlines across the world.  
About BACARDI Rums
In 1862 BACARDI revolutionized the spirits industry when founder Don Facundo Bacardi began producing his remarkable light-bodied, smooth rum -- BACARDI, the world's favourite premium rum brand. The unique taste of BACARDI Rum inspired cocktail pioneers to invent some of the world's most famous drinks including the BACARDI Mojito, the BACARDI Daiquiri, the BACARDI Cuba Libre, the BACARDI Pina Colada and the BACARDI Presidente.  BACARDI Rum has won more than 400 awards for quality and product profile.  Today, BACARDI rum is produced in Puerto Rico, following the production legacy set forth by Don Facundo - crafted in a five step distillation process, aged in American white oak barrels, and filtered five times for unparalleled quality and smoothness.
For additional information:
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Official Launch & Press Conference 

Saturday April 26th, 2014
In association with the Bacardi UK Tiki Team
Bacardi Orbit

Rum Databank: Bacardi Tiki Take Over 2014
Hashtag: #BACARDITikiUK

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