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Cocktail Kahuna Competition

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The Search For a Modern Day Tiki Maestro  

When: Saturday 27th September, from 11am until the winner is crowned!
Where: The Haole Hut**, CheekyTiki, Hackney Wick, E9 5EN
Aloha tiki cocktail fans! CheekyTiki and are launching a competitive cocktail challenge to try to find the modern day tiki maestro; a creator of Polynesian inspired cocktails fit for Donn and Vic’s great luau in the sky. Such a maestro would be hailed champion and crowned the Cocktail Kahuna*…  It matters not if you are a time served bartender, or a home bar specialist. This is a competition for the person who loves a fabulous Polynesian inspired drink! It’s not about speed rounds or stage shows! It’s all about the libation and the serve, which should be an unashamedly tiki-tastic!
Are you worthy of the title of Cocktail Kahuna?

Cocktail KahunaTo make it a fair contest, you need to know what you are being marked on and so we’ve set some boundaries as follows:

  • A maximum of twenty minutes to present two cocktails to the judges, the first should be a classic Mai Tai and the second should be your own creation.
  • All ingredients (with the exception of cubed ice) and cocktail making equipment to be supplied by the contestant (unless you need special ice in which case it’s your responsibility). Please note that this is not a brand sponsored competition, nor is it limited to the spirit category of rum.
  • You will be marked by three judges on the inspiration behind your creation, the presentation of both the cocktails and most importantly, the taste and overall drinking experience of both cocktails.  In the event of a tie, the winner shall be chosen via a tiki general knowledge penalty shoot-out.  The use of additional props to support the presentation will not score any additional points, unless it adds to the enjoyment and experience of sipping the cocktail.

Point Allocation [Maximum 100 points]

     Mai Tai Presentation: 10 points
     Mai Tai Taste and drinking experience: 25 points
     Own Creation Inspiration and Cocktail Name: 15 points
     Own Creation Presentation: 20 points
     Own Creation Taste and drinking experience: 30 points
We all know a great tiki drink should be a balanced affair, full of flavour and packing a hidden punch!
Transgressions such as poor hygiene, or accidently setting the judges and/or bar on fire will certainly lose you points.  Running over your time limit will also lose you 5 points per minute over run. Anything including pirates probably won’t help either…
So dig out your best Hawaiian shirt, select your most stylish tiki mugs and bring your A-game!  Oh, and being geographically located outside the UK may not be a bar to entry – depends if you trust someone enough to make the drink on your behalf while you skype in to tell the story… It’s going to be amazing, it’s going to be fun! There’s bound to be food and probably some rum to sip!  So what are you waiting for?
Email your contact details to thefloatingrumshack [at] gmail [dot] com, with the subject header of “I’m the Cocktail Kahuna”. Include the specification of your own cocktail creation (so we can check you haven’t just renamed the 1934 Zombie and submitted that) by the 22nd September 2014***.  We will confirm your entry into the competition as soon as possible after that. 
The prize is yet to be confirmed, but something suitably Polynesian inspired and made from bamboo is likely. No cash alternatives available and transport to and from the event is at the contestants own expense. 
Check out the Facebook event: to keep up to date.
Spectators will be welcome, although space is somewhat limited so it may be worth checking with the hosts before piling in!

Click here for the Press Release.

* Kahuna is a Hawaiian word, defined in Pukui & Elbert (1986) as a "priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession" – Wikipedia
** Pronounced “How-Lee”. Haole is a term, occasionally pejorative, used in the U.S. state of Hawaii to refer to an individuals of white ancestry, specifically in contrast to others of native Hawaiian ancestry – Wikipedia
***Date extended from the 15th September

Rum Databank: The Hunt for the Cocktail Kahuna 2014
Hashtag: #CocktailKahuna

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