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Bacardi Oakheart Cocktails for the Colder Months

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Drinks anyone?  

We’ve a selection of seasonal cocktails best suited to the colder months of the year from our friends at Bacardi UK featuring the ever popular Bacardi Oakheart Rum Spirit drink.  Quick and simple – they really should be a winner for the forthcoming party season.
Bacardi Oakheart BatSome might have a bit of a Halloween and Fireworks night vibe to them…  My fault for not running them sooner – oh well!  I’ve printed the recipes as supplied to me – but to be honest, in some places they don’t make a lot of sense – so I’ve offered a suggestion as I see fits.  Part of the fun with drinks is experimentation – so I’d recommend mixing things around a bit and see what you like most.  
As with everything, the quality of the drink is dependent on the ingredients used.  With fruit juices – please do try to not use the “made from concentrate” versions which are cheaper and more widely available.  The freshly squeezed juice is a little more expensive, but tends to taste like the fruit rather than an overly sweet disaster zone…

The Autumnal Vibe…

Bacardi Oakheart Treacle Treat

Treacle Treat

50ml Bacardi Oakheart

Dash of Angostura Bitters
2 teaspoons of Treacle Sugar
15ml Apple Juice
Method: Stir all the ingredients in a rocks glass adding ice to dilute (like you would if you were building an Old Fashioned or more specifically a Treacle).
Notes: I searched the main UK supermarkets and couldn’t find any sign of Treacle Sugar.  Huletts seem to have a product named this way, but they are based in South Africa...  It seems to be a bit of a specialist product eh?  
Searching a bit, we did come across Billington’s Molasses Sugar which should be available at Asda and Waitrose for around £1.20 per 500g.  If you can’t get hold of that, then I guess a dark Muscovado sugar would be the next best thing.  Confusingly the image supplied shows the cocktail in a shot glass…

Fawkes Fizz

50ml Bacardi Oakheart
25ml Pineapple Juice
25ml Cranberry Juice
Top with lemonade
Method: Build all the ingredients in a highball glass with crushed ice and churn with a bar spoon.
Notes:  I might be tempted to fill the highball with cubed ice and then add everything except the lemonade.  Stir well to mix and chill and then top the glass up with lemonade.  Trick is to not use a highball glass that is massive as you don’t want to drown in lemonade.  A 330ml one should be about right.
Bacardi Oakheart Fawkes Fizz

Bacardi Oakheart Gunpowder PunchGun Powder Punch


50ml Bacardi Oakheart
50ml Pineapple Juice
2 teaspoons of Gunpowder tea
12.5 ml Sugar syrup
Method: Put all the ingredients in a shaker, add ice, shake hard and strain into a glass filled with fresh ice.
Notes: For the Gunpowder tea – you’ll need to make yourself a cup of tea beforehand of course.  The recipe won’t work with tea leaves…  Oh and don’t add milk and sugar to your tea.  Do allow it to infuse well though.  You should be able to get Gunpowder tea in your local supermarket as regular brands like Whittard  produce it.

The Winter Vibe…

Ho Ho Mojito

50ml Bacardi Oakheart
2 teaspoons of Caster Sugar
6 to 8 Mint Leaves
The juice of a whole Lime
Top with Ginger Beer
Method: Put all the ingredients (except the ginger beer) into a highball glass. Fill ¾ full with crushed ice and churn all the ingredients together.  Add more crushed ice to fll the glass then top with ginger beer. Garnish with a sprig of mint.
Note: The juice of a whole lime is ambiguous – ensure you have a minimum of 25ml.  I think it might be good if you add the Oakheart, lime and sugar to the glass and then stir well to dissolve the sugar, before adding the crushed ice.  If you put the mint leaves in the palm of one hand and then smack them hard with the other before you put them in the glass, you’ll more efficiently release the oils that lend the drink flavour.
Bacardi Oakheart Ho Ho Mojito

Bacardi Oakheart Crimbo ColadaCrimbo Colada


37.5ml Bacardi Oakheart
50ml Pineapple Juice
12.5 ml Amaretto
Method: Put all the ingredients in a shaker, add ice, shake hard and strain into a glass over fresh ice.
Notes: The combination of pineapple juice and a really (really) hard shake will get you a lovely foam on the top of your drink.

Mulled Rum

25ml Bacardi Oakheart
25ml Cointreau
50ml Red Wine
50ml Hot Water
Cinnamon Stick
Vanilla Pod
Method: Put all ingredients into a tankard, stir and serve, garnish with an orange slice.
Notes: This has got to be the sort of drink you can make in volume and in a more leisurely manner for best effect.  So you’ve got a number of people coming around for a party?  You can twist this recipe in several ways for a whole lot more fun.
If you scaled this up (say for 10 drinks?) then you should be making this in a saucepan and mulling properly.  Problem with a cinnamon stick and vanilla pod in a single glass is that they won’t have much time to infuse (although they will fill your nose with scent) the drink and are quite expensive really.  Multiple the proportions into an appropriately sized saucepan – a single cinnamon stick and vanilla pod will then go a long, long way when you gently heat the contents to a point where is just too hot to drink – when you serve you want to be clutching a hot glass and warming your fingers!  Do not boil the contents of the pan or you’ll burn all the alcohol off (and whilst this site encourages responsible drinking we do understand that balance is important).  Ladling the mulled rum into glass mugs is way cooler.  Allowing the ingredients time to interact with each other whislt very gently heating is pretty damn cool.  You can ping a bowl or jug of the brew in the microwave – but getting the temperature right is not easy.
Bacardi Oakheart Mulled Rum
Bacardi Oakheart Spice Things Up!

Bacardi Oakheart
Rum Databank: Bacardi Oakheart
Country of origin: Not stated
Age: Not stated
Cost: Under £20 for 70cl
[Under £15 = £ / £15 to £25 = ££ / £25 to £40 = £££ / £40 to £100 = ££££ / Over £100 = £££££]
Available From: Widely available in off-licences, supermarkets and most online retailers
Twitter: @BacardiUK
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