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Creating A Rum Legacy

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A Sense of Family…  

‘Family’… It's a much-used marketing term these days with Bacardi, but the other day when Metinee (May) Kongsrivilai confirmed her promotion to UK Bacardi Brand Ambassador* the realities became so much more apparent. 
*The position became available as Bacardi’s most-bestest-ever-I-promise-you-honest-as-God-is-my-witness asset Shervene Shahbazkhani moves into the new, strategically important role of Northern European Ambassador. The effects of which we are eagerly anticipating…
Metinee first encountered the Legacy competition when May was one of the Three Most Promising, up against Zdenek Kastanek and Jody Monteith. That was 2011 and in only a few short years that 'hopeful' contestant is now moving into a prestigious and important role. Being involved it seems, is more important than actually winning given Zdenek ultimately took his ‘La Hermosa’ cocktail to compete in the Global Finals.
That happy thought made me wonder if the full potential of Legacy has yet to be realised. All the global winners have enjoyed the exposure that goes with hitting the top spot. Most are actively involved with the company in some form or other and I guess it's down to the individual in question to make the most of the hand that they have been dealt, but it really seems like the Legacy Cocktail Competition is more like the beginning of the interview process rather than a means to an end in itself.
As 2014 draws to a close, it marks the half way stage of The Three Most Promising phase of the Bacardi Legacy Competition here in the UK. This year all three competitors (Matt, Ally and Ben) have been pretty busy, which must be mixed news for the judges as it makes their job even tougher. With the deadline set for the 20th March 2015, there's still plenty of time for anyone of the three to really make their mark. Whatever happens, I can't help but feel that the Bacardi family has just got that bit bigger. 
It’s probably a good thing too, what with the welcome news that relations between the United States and Cuba have started to improve. Bacardi have worked hard of late to remind everyone that they were born in Cuba and all the hard work will probably step up a notch or two in readiness to counter any future enabling of Pernod Ricard to be able to sell Havana Club (known as Havanista) in the US. Just which brand is more genuinely ‘Cuban’ and therefore ‘cooler’ than the other? It's time for the family to pull together...
Incidentally, I asked Havana Club for a comment about the improving relations (between Cuba and the US – not them and Bacardi) and got the following response: “We are pleased that Americans traveling to Cuba under the new U.S. policy will be able to enjoy our award-winning Cuban rum, Havana Club. But for the time being, we plan to carefully monitor further developments”. I’m pretty sure Havana Club saw the article in Just Drinks that ran a few weeks ago about Bacardi’s desire to return to Cuba as soon as they can.
So, whilst 2014 has been pretty damn good, I think 2015 is shaping up to be even more interesting still.

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