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Diplomático World Tournament 2015

Written by Pete on . Posted in Rum Chat

It’s not just about winning… 

…It’s also all about the Beach!  

Are you thinking about entering the Diplomático Rum World Tournament cocktail competition? Not sure if you’re going to do it? Let me share a few things with you that might just help sway you in the right direction.
Diplomático World TournamentThe few weeks ago I was lucky enough to head to Venezuela, to perform my duties as one of the International Judges in the Venezuelan regional finals of the Diplomático World Tournament. I was also super excited to visit the production facilities at Destilerías Unidas S.A (DUSA) in Barquisimeto. Those adventures will be featured soon enough, but there was one thing on everyone lips in regard to the itinerary of the trip and that was ‘The Beach’. 
The Beach. Nothing more – no proper names – just The Beach… 
Now I’m not saying the only reason you’d consider entering this cocktail competition is because you’ll end up in Morrocoy National Park (a beautiful expanse of white sand cays and mangroves dotted about in a gorgeous blue sea and generally traversed by motorboat that also comes with freshly cooked lobster, cold beers and lots of Diplomático Rum for the appropriately well connected individual); I guess a top prize of $10,000 and the recognition on a global bartending scale probably accounts for something as well. All in all, the trip to Venezuela was really top notch with wonderful levels of organisation and care at every level. I’m absolutely sure anyone going on such a trip will have one of the best experiences of their lives.
The winner of the UK Finals of the Diplomático World Tournament will compete against the champions of twenty-seven other countries in the Global Finals and from what I’ve seen first-hand in the Venezuela and German finals, they best bring their A-game with them. I’m loath to put more pressure on Venezuela’s representative, Martin Tummino with his “Venezuela de Ayer” cocktail, but I’m sure I’ve never seen a more perfect use of available time, stage presence and the right balance of emotion and confidence backing up a wonderfully simple and delicious cocktail.
Our Facebook album featuring some pics from the Venezuelan finals can be found here.
Bartenders of the UK. If you’ve not submitted your cocktail yet, then get on with it – the clock is ticking and submissions need to be in by the end of January. Do your research and start with the Diplomático World Tournament website:
Don’t forget to study the rules by clicking on the appropriate button.
I think it might well be worth checking out the article on Difford's Guide as well.
Good luck!

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