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Stolen Dark Rum

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The Stolen Rum team in New Zealand previously shared with us their White and Gold rums.  We have (nearly empty) bottles on our shelves to remind us of the fun times… like when a brand is new… when its getting out there… getting in front of people and being generally cool.  But keeping it up is tricky - playing it safe, concentrating on volume shipped...

Question is. Can you still be cool as you get older?

Stolen Dark RumI can’t tell you if Stolen rum consider themselves a success or not – but I can tell you that complacency is not something that the team at Stolen Rum are exhibiting right now.  Just when I was thinking “I wonder what they are up to?” when we catch a glimpse of their new Dark Rum on Facebook.

Spiced rum is super trendy right now – it’s almost painfully so.  I’ll admit there are a whole load of great spiced rum brands coming out and I promise you there will be a whole lot more over the coming months and years as every Tom, Dick and Harry Brand will ensure they have one…  (But please forgive me while I stifle a small yawn!)  Stolen rum had a very cool premise when they launched and they follow true to the company’s slightly edgy vibe by launching a Dark rum.  It’s possibly the most “but that’s what my Grandfather drinks” of rums to some, but when blended and packaged just right – a whole new generation of rum fans will come to love it too!  And if anyone can carry this off – these guys can!

When we quizzed Jamie Duff (co-founder of Stolen Rum) about the new Dark expression he had this to say about it: “it's a brand new product that will only be available in NZ (for now).  We wanted to create a dark rum that was an ode to the dark history of rum; and to make a world class product to challenge some of the lesser quality dark Rum's around.  The design is stripped back, and the rum is in a 1L bottle, made to be unashamedly slugged and drank in punches, ginger beer and in punch”

Stolen Dark Rum

Once again the UK will miss out – this is very much a New Zealand only thing, but I can only hope that a friendly rum mule will bring a bottle back for us sometime soon as I need to complete the Stolen Trio and find myself with a glass of Stolen Dark Rum and coke in hand… or perhaps that should be the Waitakere Daiquiri?

The look is perfect – simple and powerful all at the same time.  It’s what caught our eye on Facebook.  The clear glass and minimal print shows the dark rum in all its glory.  Praise be fo’ sure!

Until we try it first hand, I can say no more – but here are a few facts to close out for now.


Tasting Notes:

Stolen Dark Rum is a smooth blend of selected dark molasses based rums, carefully blended by hand to produce a full flavored dark Caribbean Rum.
Stolen Dark Rum has lightly toasted caramel aromas, with a soft honeyed texture in the mouth.

Drinks Solutions: Waitakere Daiquiri.

30ml Stolen Dark Rum
Top with Coca-Cola
1 wedge of lime.

Rum Databank: Stolen Dark Rum

Country of origin: Marketed in New Zealand
Age: Not stated
Cost: 39.99NZD
[Under £15 = £ / £15 to £25 = ££ / £25 to £40 = £££ / £40 to £100 = ££££ / Over £100 = £££££]
Other Related Info: 70cl bottle.  37.5%ABV
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Stolen Dark Rum


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