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Why Trailer Happiness Loves Rum Club

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New Owners… New Format to Rum Club…  

Rum Club at Trailer Happiness was an absolute God-send for when we started the rum journey – a really great series of events that allowed us to meet all manner of fabulous rummies, learn a whole lot about the subject and (most importantly) give us things to write about.  During the last few years – more and more rum clubs have sprung up around the country.  Taking rum to the masses – what could be better?
Thing is… There are only so many brands out there presenting and once you start repeating, then it does become a bit samey – so much so, that we didn’t bother writing up the last few we attended – mostly because I felt like I was writing the same old thing, time after time…  If writing it bores me - then what about our beloved reader?  Unfortunately, my mum wasn’t available for comment – so the truth is yet to be revealed, but I’m pretty sure I know the answer...
Why Trailer Happiness Loves Rum ClubIt seems like the team at Trailer had already considered this and have put together a format which they hope will move things on and add a brand new cutting edge to a subject that was perhaps becoming a little dull with use.
And thus “Why Trailer Loves…” was born!
The idea is best discussed after we exclusively reveal the pencilled in topics for the next six months.  The timing will be the same as before: the first Monday of the month (normally) and it all starts on the 10th December (which isn't the first Monday of the month... but this is Rum after all - soon come...):
Why Trailer Loves…
…Rum & Ice Cream (December)
…Naval Rums (January)
…Barbados (February)
…Beachbum Berry (March)
 …Agricole (April)
…Central American Rums (May)
So you’ll see that this is not a brand focused series of events.
Why Trailer Loves Beachbum Berry is a winner – a chap who has rediscovered so many lost and forgotten cocktails (pretty much exclusively built around great rum) and contributed a whole lot more deserves more than an evening to be honest – but the way light Puerto Rican, Dark Jamaican, Gold Barbados and Amber Martinique are all categories of rum that are called for very specifically in the recipes, but sometimes Beachbum names an actual rum: Myers or Lemon Hart for example.  I can honestly say that making Tiki drinks at home has made me think about rums differently and I’ve Beachbum to thank for that!
The hope is that several brands will get together in a complimentary way.  For example, borrowing from the last paragraph - Barbados is well represented in terms of rum makers, it could be said that there is a typical Bajan style of rum – but how much of this is due to geography, heritage and myth?  The chance to compare and contrast, as well as hearing what makes the place tick is pretty cool yes?  Enough common ground between brands for Beachbum to name a category – but why is this?  You owe it to yourself to come along and find out and perhaps more importantly – contribute.  Rum Club is a place for rummies to talk about rum.  Put a maker on the calendar and set your iPhone to remind you in advance of the first Monday of the month (yes it will do that for you) or you risk missing out!
See you there!
P.S. - The team would want me to tell you that Trailer isn't shut to any rum brand whom wants to use the forum - the recent Rum Fire event, proved that Trailer Happiness is still the ideal place for eager brands to get involved with proper rum fans!
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