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Notting Hill’s Newest Rum Bar  

When hears about a new Rum Bar opening, we get excited – when we hear it’s on our side of Old London Town (i.e.West) and more specifically in Notting Hill, we get so giddy that it takes a large glass of distilled sugar cane based product to calm us down…  And right now I’ve got a large glass of distilled sugar cane based product in front of me because (and you’ll be amazed to hear this) A BRAND NEW RUM BAR IS OPENING UP IN NOTTING HILL!  Yay! Rum! Woo-hoo!
It’s due to open on the 10th December and its called The Rum Kitchen.
The Rum Kitchen
We spoke a little to Imogen (the Bar Manager of The Rum Kitchen) to find out a little more.  The Rum Kitchen is located on the Westbourne Park road end of All Saints road.  The venue has a restaurant and bar upstairs and in the basement will be a bar/ lounge, (it’s going to be dark) with a 100 strong, rum collection.  The cocktail menu should be twelve or so very rum based house cocktails, with a couple of classics for good measure.
Pressing Imogen a little further on the subject of cocktails, we found out the menu hasn't gone to print yet, so things might be changed around a little, but with this small disclaimer aside Imogen goes on to say “We have a house Rattle Skull punch that is our own mix, drawing on the David Wondrich historical style of punch: taking spices and flavours from all over the ‘Empire’.  It going to be very fresh and served ice cold in an enamel ware cup.  We are also doing our own infused rum Bombo as a shot/ tot.  It’s a bit more ‘piratey’ and will change flavours over time, depending from whatever port we find ourselves trading at.
There's a Navy Grog and a twist on a Hurricane called a Rubin Carter, a "Strange Fruit" Pineapple Daiquiri and a Rumbustion Cooler: coconut milk and rum to cool the palate from the Jamaican food (more about that later).  Downstairs has an additional drinks menu, which is much more spirit heavy, rum twists on serious classics: Rum Old Fashioned/Treacle style.  There's even going to be a rum tasting notes bible” would like to place a small wager that unless the “tasting notes bibles” are nailed or chained down – as good few of them will disappear pronto into the collections of rummies across the land!
There’s going to be food available: Imogen describes it as “Jamaican diner comfort home cooking” which sounds ace.  And I think the inclusion of a drink to help cool the fires of the Jamaican food is a great touch.
Interestingly we broke the story that Trailer Happiness will be re-launching its Rum Club on the 10th and (frustratingly) The Rum Kitchen is being listed to open on the 10th as well.  Rum enjoyment it seems, is like buses.  Wait for ages and then two come along at once.  I’m sure we can find a way of working this small logistical problem out…  Somehow…
The Rum Kitchen sounds ace and we can’t wait for it to open so we can swing by and find out just what rums made the cut!  It seems like there will be at least one familiar face in the bartending team too!
Thanks very much to Imogen for her time (which is oh-so very precious in the week proceeding a bar opening!).
Rum Databank: The Rum Kitchen
Country of origin: 6-8 All Saints Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1HH
Twitter: @TheRumKitchen
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