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Bacardi Legacy – Alpine Superior

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Switzerland Calling…

Whilst has yet to track down any of this year’s UK regional finalists, I am happy to say that Laura Schacht (a Zürich based bartender) has got in contact to share with us her entry into the Swiss Bacardi Legacy competition.
Alpine SuperiorLaura tells us that she came up with the inspiration whilst hiking in the mountains and that she had a strong desire to use Swiss ingredients in the drink – although I may also point out that Laura tells us the Appenzeller Alpenbitter could be replaced by Fernet Branca, which is a bit of luck as I couldn’t find it here in the UK.

Apline Superior

10 ml Quitten Coing Morand
3 dash Appenzeller Alpenbitter
2 barspoons of Honey of Mountain Flowers (*)
Lemon Balm and Pear
Pure all ingredients (except the BACARDI 8 year old) in a stirring glass and stir well on ice.  Serve in a silver cup filled with cracked ice and float with the BACARDI 8 year old rum.
 (*) Here in the UK it might not be so easy to find honey from the Swiss mountains, but Laura tells us the honey is a really nice component to play around with: you can choose a light flowery honey (as per the recipe, or you try it with some darker ones.  I can’t help but think of Matthew Dakers famous Hoxton honey that was a feature in his Angel’s Draft and wonder if Laura’s will be just as special.  I’m also quite impressed with Laura’s marketing of the drink.  Check out the wonderful short film and keep your fingers crossed you’re on her list as cocktail samples are winging their way around Europe right now.
We wish Laura the best of luck in the finals.
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Alpine Superior


Alpine Superior Update - January 2013
A short while after publishing the original article, we were contacted by Laura. She'd had the rather neat idea to help spread the Alpine Superior word far and wide, which resulted in the request for a postal address... Cocktails by post - not the first time this has happened of course, but the first time a Bacardi Legacy hopeful has taken the time to ensure that we taste one, as well as write about their entry.
Concerns about Border Control were unfounded and sure enough, on Christmas Eve a fab little bottle of ready made Alpine Superior turned up, with a postcard detailing the recipe, but giving the simplified instruction of "stir over ice and serve over cracked ice" - what could be easier?
I'm particularly glad Laura did, as the chance to try the drink as the creator intended was unlikely to materialise given the lack of options for some of the ingredients. Fernet Branca was suggested as an alternative, but doesn't t have that either on its back bar.
So how does it taste? Well - it's more of a bitter drink that we would normally go for, but that wouldn't stop me from ordering it again. A question remains over the cocktail showcasing Bacardi Superior, but then again the same could be said of a couple of this years Three Most Promising. The excellent video, social media and marketing approach really should stand Laura in a position of strong consideration.

Rum Databank: BACARDI Superior rum
Country of origin: Puerto Rico
Age: Not stated implicitly – but around 18 months
Cost: under £20 for a 70cl bottle.  []
[Under £15 = £ / £15 to £25 = ££ / £25 to £40 = £££ / £40 to £100 = ££££ / Over £100 = £££££]
Available From: Very widely available
Twitter: @BacardiUK
Other Social Media:
Rum Databank: BACARDI 8 Year Old rum
Cost: under £26 for a 70cl bottle.  []

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