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10 Facts for Caipirinha Virgins Celebrating International Cachaça Day

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Got To Love A Good Listicle Right?  

I got the following release from the team behind Sagatiba here in the UK and whilst I’m not endorsing all the facts, I’m certainly happy enough to share as they really do help to highlight the depth of history, diversity and engrained nature of the Spirit of Brasil! 
Sagatiba VelhaPress Release: With Sunday 12th June and the anniversary of the Portuguese Crown’s ill-fated decision to make the production, distribution and sale of cachaça in Brazil illegal, fast approaching, drinkers new to the noble spirit can brush up on facts ahead of the celebrations. Sagatiba has revealed 10 simple facts about the spirit and its most popular cocktail, the caipirinha.
  1. It was banned by the Portuguese on 12 June 1744 as the elite classes of Brazilian society were found to enjoy it too much for their colonial rulers liking.
  2. There are more than 2,000 words to refer to Brazilian distillate (‘heart-opener’ and ‘that which killed the cop’ are two of the more fearsome!).
  3. More than 1.2 billion litres of cachaça are produced annually, according to the Instituto Brasileiro de Cachaça (Brazilian Institute of Cachaça) 
  4. There are thought to be 40,000 producers of cachaça in Brazil according to the latest census, but only 5,000 are legally registered.
  5. Made from fresh sugar cane juice, cachaça can only come from Brazil (as established by federal decree and is not to be mistaken as a type of rum, which is made from molasses and can be made anywhere in the world (some countries such as the US still erroneously refer to it as Brazilian rum).
  6. First made more than 500 years ago, cachaça pre-dates rum’s entry into the world by almost a century.
  7. Sagatiba is the favourite premium cachaça in Brazil, and around the world and Cachaca is the third most popular spirit
  8. Turkeys in Brazil used to be fed cachaça to make them more relaxed, and so taste better.
  9. Brazil’s national cocktail, the caipirinha, is one of the simplest to make:  Muddle one lime (quartered) and 3 teaspoons of sugar in a glass.  Add 60ml of Sagatiba and ice.  Enjoy!
  10. The literal translation of caipirinha is “little peasant girl”, but the origins of its creation like so many cocktails have numerous stories including: created to help alleviate the symptoms and spread of cholera; a concoction of the tragic Spanish princess of the Portuguese empire, Carlota Joaquina; and an actor who played Sherlock Holmes dreamt it up!  The first account from Joao Pinto Gomes Lamego in 1859 seems the most likely as it would have been used as a foil on the ban of drinking straight (contaminated) water.
Sagatiba Caipirinha

Rum Databank: Sagatiba
Country of Origin: Brazil
Cost: RRP Sagatiba Pura £18.99, Sagatiba Velha £31.99. 

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