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"Let’s make the difference together"  

It’s not very often that the topic of conversation veers away from rum here at, but when it does, I like to think it’s for a good reason. The bartending world of which I’ve become very close to tends to produce some big-hearted people and it’s for that reason I’m writing about the Behind Bars Akademia.
Behind Bars AkademiaI’d suggest that you take a moment to visit the website - the background is all there, but to summarise our friend Stephanie has come up with an initiative that allows those without any chance of bettering themselves or their position in life, to take advantage of a training program that allows them a way out. It’s a brave and selfless program and whilst things are underway it needs investment.
On a personal note, I kinda hope it gets picked up in different countries because as worthy as South Africa is, it’s not alone in this issue.
Here at I can tell you we are far from rich – but we’ve donated and want to support as much as we can because whilst the target is large, if a lot of people give a little, the goal can be reached quite easily, so please take a moment and help if you can.

Thank you!


Rum Databank: Behind Bars Akademia

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