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Alexander & James Luxury Gifting

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Christmas Gifting  

It’s one of life’s certainties - and I’m not talking about death or taxes – I mean the Christmas ‘stressing’ about finding the perfect gift. Something special, with the sort of detail that makes it stand out. Well, I was recently invited to try the luxury gifting option that Alexander & James have to offer and I’m impressed enough to comment on their many solutions.

Alexander & James Luxury GiftingThe Alexander & James rum gift sets are based around the Ron Zacapa range (it is backed by Diageo after all)  and we decided to try the Ron Zacapa Reserva Limitada set that comprises a bottle and pair of branded ‘Perfect Serve’ Zacapa glasses which are ideal for sipping your rum neat, over ice or in ‘Old Fashioned’ style cocktail.
Once the order had been placed, the package turned up quickly. Exceptionally securely packaged; no chance of breakage en-route. The bottle itself is shipped within a natty foam lined presentation box, the style of which is consistent with the individual tube packages that hold the glasses. The gift boxes are in the Alexander & James (A&J) brand colour scheme and each carries the logo in silver print.
At time of writing this article, the website was showing a hefty 36% discount on the normal list price, making it all much more attractive and worth taking advantage of now while it lasts! Warning: I must point out that the image on the A&J website is of the 2014 release which is different to the Reserva Limitada 2013 release. It was the 2013 release that started the series of annual specials from Ron Zacapa and more details can be found by clicking here.
Alexander & James Luxury Zacapa Gifting
At this price (£65.80), it’s a great option gift-wise but even if the sale doesn’t last long, the overall package seems to be about right for the Zacapa brand fans, or those who prefer their rums in a sweeter style and is also going to suit those that are looking for a little assistance with their ‘luxury gifting’ solution as A&J look to make it all as easy as possible with minimum risk. It's worth pointing out Alexander & James also offer other spirit category options in addition to rum, i.e.; whisky, gin, vodka, tequila, and liqueurs, so could be your one-stop shop! Well worth taking a moment to check out their many options at
Alexander & James Luxury Zacapa Gifting
Alexander & James Luxury Zacapa Gifting

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