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Tiki Cocktail Box to Launch in the UK

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Bi-Monthly Cocktail Subscription Pack: The Perfect Gift?  

There’s no denying that tiki really is gaining popularity – I won’t use the word trendy – because that infers it won’t be trendy at some later point. If tiki is done properly, then it will last and that’s where the Tiki Cocktail Box people are looking to provide a service.

Tiki Cocktail BoxJonathan Braham-Everett, leading independent Euro-wide drinks distributor, has teamed up with Jonathan Rees, Founder of UK Rum Festivals – and together are poised to make yet another contribution to the beverage industry. Alcohol aficionados and drink devotees across the UK will soon be able to spruce up their spirit selection with the Tiki Cocktail Box.
Each carefully selected package will arrive on a bi-monthly basis, containing a breadth of extravagances. An expertly selected bottle of rum, thematic drinking vessels, colourful spices and coveted recipes are just some of the delights the Tiki Cocktail Box has to offer.
Jonathan Braham-Everett, added: “One of the joys of trying new things is the surprise factor. Choice is great, but sometimes people just want someone to say ‘here, try this’. With the Tiki Cocktail Box, you know you’ll be getting a fantastic selection without having to lift a finger.”
The first box, coming in February, will feature the fabled Pusser’s Rum: a bottle containing three centuries of Naval history. As its slogan suggests - “Since The Day of Wooden Ships and Iron Men” - this rum was standard issued of the Royal Navy in the days when Britannia ruled the waves. Its recipe unchanged, this is the rum that gave courage to seadogs and brought cheer to many a distant voyage. 
Tiki Cocktail Box
Pusser’s Rum is as much a part of Naval tradition as the sea itself. Alongside the bottle, the box will offer two navy-style drinking tins and a recipe for the ‘Painkiller’ cocktail - made with Caribbean flavours and a provided nutmeg spice. The second box, delivered in April, will contain a bottle from the world’s most awarded rum range – Angostura.
Jonathan Rees, commented: “I am excited about this latest collaboration – the Tiki Cocktail Box will make a fantastic gift for spirit connoisseurs this festive period or for anyone looking to improve their rum repertoire. Rum is an extremely popular spirit in the UK and this new offering is sure to be a great success.” 
These generous packages will come at a cost of £50 per delivery and a year’s subscription will come at the modest price of £300. With expert drink selections, thoughtful extras and avid attention to detail, the knowledge and passion of co-founders Braham-Everett and Rees will ensure your palate is wonderfully stimulated all year round.
Pre-orders of the Tiki Cocktail Box are available now from its website:

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