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Just Who Is That Masked Macaw?  

In the world of rum, there are far too many times when it all seems a bit ‘smoke and mirrors’ and the truth hides behind a well-constructed marketing story. I’ve always thought honesty is always the best policy, so with that in mind… 

"Just who is that masked macaw?"As an advocate for rum in general, it would be easy for some to point the finger and accuse me of bias if I’m seen to be working specifically with a brand. I understand that, and believe me - being neutral is a wonderful thing, but I’ve been doing an increasing number of events that are more focused – every Twitter Tasting for example and last year at RumFest in London, I was working with Yaguara Cachaça, helping the hundreds of people who visited us understand just what cachaça is all about – a role I loved - but in every case, the brand in question has my trust in terms of honesty and authenticity.
So, what is this post all about? Well this year, I’ve a wonderful opportunity to do a series of events across the UK in conjunction with Foursquare Rum. I might not be able to recreate the experience of having Richard Seale in the room with me, sharing his vast rum making experience, but I can share my knowledge, experience and a selection of the fab rums from his portfolio and use them to help continue the conversation about understanding rum a little better. Richard is a stanch advocate for a new categorisation and I’d like to take that conversation on the road, and help bring it to a wider audience. If this means that people get to taste Foursquare rums for the first time, then so much the better!
For those in the drinks trade, I’m working alongside Marussia Beverages. If you’d like to know more about stocking, pricing etc. please do drop me a line and I can make the introductions as needed.
In terms of events: Ideally, I’d like to be presenting something to the drinks trade during the day and then following up with something more consumer friendly in the evening, so if you’d like to see us on your patch, please do get in contact: doorlys.advocate [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll see what we can fix up.
I’m looking forward to seeing more rum fans in the coming months, but I’m looking forward to converting 'other' spirits drinkers to rum even more!
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