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Clairin World Championship 2017

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Haitian Clairin Encounters the World of Mixology  

Now entering its second year, the Velier sponsored Clairin World Championship has just launched and offers a truly experiential, trip of a lifetime to Haiti to complete in the global finals. Just the small matter of the European finals in Paris…
Clairin World Championship 2017My trip to Haiti was one of the most amazing I’ve ever been on – truly a vibrant country, colourful, raw, struggling in many ways and yet rich in others. I’m blessed to have been there and would advise it to be a place that’s best explored with Luca Gargano and team for maximum effect! This cocktail competition will be a challenge – but the canvas is blank, and the opportunities wide open.
The Spirit of Haiti
In Haiti, there is no tradition of mixed drinks, and rhum - which Haitians call Clairin - is drunk straight. The idea behind the Clairin World Championship, now in its second year, was to open up a new road, blending the culture and spirit of Haiti with the art and craft of international mixology.
Clairin World Championship 2017
The aim of the competition, which includes a web contest, a European final in Paris and a World Championship final in Haiti, is to communicate and promote Clarins and the true Haitian spirit – its naturalness, essentiality, exuberance and joy. The rhums used will be Clairin Sajous, Clairin Vaval and Clairin Casimir. Three rhums, three men, three artisanal products characterised by the use of native cane varieties, chemical-free agriculture, spontaneous fermentation without selected yeasts, “archaic” distillation and no filtering. 
How to Take Part:
To enter the web contest, participants must submit a recipe for a cocktail and record the preparation in a short video, which should also include a speech where they explain what they have captured from the spirit of Haiti, and what working with Clairin means to them. 
Clairin World Championship 2017
Videos must be submitted by no later than 6 March. Participants must fill in the form on the website, and post the video on their personal Facebook page or on their bar’s page, aiming to get the greatest number of likes possible. 
Recipes will be evaluated according to three criteria: the number of likes obtained by the video on Facebook, evaluation by La Maison du Whisky in-house panel of judges, and evaluation by a Velier in-house panel. In keeping with Haitian spirit, participants are asked not to use innovative techniques such as spherification, smoke guns and similar.  
The best candidates will take part in the European final to be held in Paris at the end of March. The winner will be flown to Haiti, where following a week-long tour of remote distilleries and sugar cane plantations, the world championship will be held, with some of the world’s best bartenders competing.  
To find out more about the Clairin World Championship and how to enter, visit the dedicated site or follow us on the Clairin The Spirit of Haiti Facebook page:

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