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La Confrérie du Rhum la Mauny 2005

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A Special Edition for The Brotherhood…  

The la Confrérie du Rhum is a group of enthusiasts who regularly exchange on social networks around their common passion: rhum. A special vintage for la Confrérie du Rhum has been created every year since 2015 and this time it is the turn of Maison la Mauny. The Limited Edition 2005 vintage, has been matured for 11 years in French oak barrels and complies with the Martinique appellation d'origine controlee (A.O.C.).
This 2005 vintage La Mauny Rhum was specially selected in partnership with the Confrérie du Rhum for its structure and elegance; a characteristic of Maison la Mauny.
Details, details… Released at a strength of 49.7% ABV and costing €90 per bottle. Only 1,000 bottles to be released.
La Confrérie du Rhum la Mauny 2005
We think it’s delicious. We were lucky enough to be sent a dram by Benoit Bail, the co-founder of La Confrérie du Rhum and I can honestly tell you that I wish I’d a bottle – once I’d started to explore, it was gone all too soon and I was left with a yearning for more.
My impressions were that a lovely tart Victoria plum-like note initially greeted us, but that this fruitiness developed with a little time and revealed a touch of almond. In the mouth, there’s deceptively little heat for a rhum that’s nearly 50%ABV, but again it’s lots of lovely fruit. A rapturous moment of pleasure as the sip goes down, the aroma rises, filling the mouth and palate. All this is followed by a wonderfully intense and lasting finishing that reveals so much more, but particularly why – fundamentally – why I love agricole rhum so much. The good stuff is so damn good! Even the empty glass has the cooked apple note I tend to associate with agricole as well. It’s a glass that doesn’t need to be washed anytime soon.
Before I sipped it, I thought that 11 years of maturation was too long. Something that I tend to think the rhum producers of the French Caribbean do very well is to not over age their spirit and so I was prepared with a healthy skepticism of what was to follow – the chaps had got all excited about high age statement. I think a good agricole is always a wonderful balance of rhum vs maturation. In the case of this 11-year-old – I’m happy to say it’s just about perfect. I love the ABV – powerful without being distracting. All in all, a fab combo. I’m hoping I’ll be able to pick up a bottle in April when I head to Paris for the RhumFest.
Bravo mes amis! A beautiful rhum. 
La Confrérie du Rhum la Mauny 2005

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