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The Floating Rum Shack Part 2

Written by Pete on . Posted in Rum Chat Starts a Second Ageing…  

When we started back in February 2009, we created a mission statement – a goal that was intended to keep us on a true path and prevent us from going off at tangents.  It was a good call and apart from the odd dalliance, we’ve stuck with our plan.  The last year though has seen us getting a level of recognition from the drinks industry we didn’t expect and so we think it’s a good time to mark our card for the future and share our personal goals.
Now the ‘old’ website is based around an installation of Joomla that’s well out of date – it’s becoming a security risk and so I need to take it offline for a bit, with the goal of updating its engine and bringing it back online a bit later on.
With the biggest Rum event on the calendar (RumFest) virtually upon us, the prospect of not having a ‘live’ site to hand would be an unforgivable missed opportunity, hence this new offering.
Combining the new site with the new mission statement, we have the makings of an exciting new beginning for us.
We hope you’ll continue to join us for the ride.

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