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Stroh: the Austrian Inländer Rum

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Hot Chocolate with a Twist…  

We heard about a great winter warmer drink whilst out and about recently: Stroh Hot Chocolate.  A simple drink, but one particularly suited to the current ski season and the whole load of snow that seems to be blowing in right now.  It is no more complicated than adding a measure of Stroh to your hot chocolate!  We made ourselves one tonight and can vouch for its warming affects!
Stroh: the Austrian Inländer RumStroh is produced in Austria and is categorised by the term: Inländer Rum which is pretty interesting to a chap like me.  It’s not unreasonable to assume rum is solely produced in the tropics - specifically sugar cane growing countries – but Austria is a long way from the tropics and certainly doesn’t grow its own sugar cane.  Nevertheless, this is a spirit formed from the distillation (in Austria) of molasses and enhanced with additional essences – a spiced rum in all but name!  The term “Inländer Rum” is actually granted a special mention under the EU regulation 110/2008 in terms of geographical indication.
Stroh Inländer Rum dates back as far as 1832 to Klagenfurt and named after the founder Sebastian Stroh.  However Inländer Rum is actually a traditional Austrian spirit, with a history reaching back over 250 years.  Initially it came from the desire to re-produce the taste of the rum from overseas.  The flavour is very spicy, fruity and has an aromatic taste which has been created by the various producers’ secret recipes.  It is often used to perfect the taste of pastries, sweets based on chocolate and is a popular ingredient for long-drinks, cocktails and hot drinks. 
Stroh: the Austrian Inländer RumStroh 40% is a perfect match for Rum Hot Chocolate, opening up the rich orange and fruity flavours married with spice, with the sweetness of the chocolate.  The range includes an 80%ABV expression which is certainly a might fiery for sipping neat.
If you are just about to head off to the slopes for your winter holiday (and we are thinking of Austria specifically) then Stroh is likely to be a well featured après-ski sprit!  But you may well want to keep the vibe going upon your return home, in which case you’ll find it available in the better stocked bars or specialist online resellers such as
Here in the UK, Stroh is represented by Indie Brands.  
Stroh: the Austrian Inländer Rum

Description of the production process:
For the production of “Inländer Rum” according to the EC regulation 110/2008 rum distilled in Austria has to be used. The declaration “Inländer” refers to the home country (=inland) Austria and therefore has to be built on Austrian rum distillate. The special taste and aroma derives from a non-colored “Inländer Rum essence”. This is a spirit based also on rum distilled in Austria with a very spicy aromatic taste, depending on the various producers’ secret recipes. The organoleptic character of this essence is geared to the very tasty rum-distillates produced in the 18th and 19th century in the Caribbean countries. To round up the taste traditionally also “bonificateurs” can be used. “Inländer Rum” can be produced in any Austrian region.

Rum Databank: Stroh Inländer Rum
Country of origin: Austria
Age: Not stated
Cost: £20-£26 depending upon ABV
Available From: Widely available in specialist spirit retailers including
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