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When: 28th November 2017
From: 7.30pm GMT
La Hechicera, a solera aged rum brand from Colombia (and incidentally, a brand we’ve followed since before they launched), has just celebrated its fifth anniversary and can now be found in 25 international markets. However, in order to launch into the highly competitive US market, they have made a few changes to the way that the rum is presented. Now more than ever enthusiasts are asking (demanding?) more clarity and understanding about how rums are produced, meaning the little-understood process of solera ageing is often a focus of discussion and therefore a perfect fit for our next Twitter Tasting! 
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Bartend Against with Havana Club



Press Release: Havana Club is calling for bartenders to help raise money for people in areas affected by natural disasters, and have joined forces with charity ‘Bartend Against’.
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Cachaça Me If You Can

Cachaça Me If You Can

I try to point out that the apparently easy/boozy, rum-centric lifestyle I lead is at times quite hard work; early starts, late nights, uncomfortable travel, freelance money, lack of reliable commitments etc… And it’s true. But the flip side it’s not ALWAYS hard work. Sometimes it's bloody amazing and helping to judge the Yaguara ‘Cachaça Me If You Can’ cocktail competition was one of those times!
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Diplomático Rum Launches The Distillery Collection

Batch Kettle & Barbet Column

Seems like ages ago that Diplomático Rum announced the release of what they are marketing as the ‘Tradition Range’, which features their flagship spirit: Reserva Exclusiva and two new-to-market expressions, Mantuano and Planas, which are replacing Reserva and Blanco respectively. Their goal to achieve a cohesive look, but with more clear definition of intent across the range. We completely failed to get around to writing this up at the time, but given they have now have the Single Batch Kettle and Single Barbet Column releases, it’s really time to catch up.
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Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival 2017

…Returns to Barbados!

Press Release: The Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival is heading back to Barbados on 9 December 2017. After spending years away being hosted in Grenada and St Maarten the annual beverage expo is back on home territory.
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Rhum Clement Ti’punch Cup 2018 Preview

#TiPunchCup (#YesOuiCanne)

It’s that time again folks. Dust off your swizzle sticks and sip a rhum for inspiration. Yessir… the Rhum Clement Ti’Punch Cup is open for action. Winning the regional heat ensures your ticket to Martinique to compete in the Global Final – which kinda feels like winning regardless of the eventual outcome. A week of exploring the beautiful island of Martinique, with the chance to win all the kudos of a Global Cocktail Competition thrown in.
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Old Fashioned Week 2017

2nd – 11th November

Mark your calendars folks! Old Fashioned Week (OFW) is back for 2017 and it’s bigger than ever! With 10 Ambassadors around the world, the reach is going to be awesome and we want YOU, whether you’re a bartender, bar owner or cocktail drinker to be a part of it.
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Carnival Expo 2017 Featured Rums

Treat Yourself!  

To make it easy for anyone visiting Carnival Expo this weekend (May 13th & 14th 2017) who wants to buy any of the featured brands on our Rum Education stand, I thought I’d help by pointing you in the direction of each on Master of Malt. Always worth shopping around though, because of as good as MoM prices are – they aren’t always the best!
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Updated Packaging for Chairmans Reserve

New Look, Same Great Rum!  

Ever since Groupe Bernard Hayot announced the acquisition of St Lucia Distillers, we’ve been awaiting signs of the new owner’s influence. In a reasonably informal chat before the recent Paris RhumFest, we found out that the team have been considering the huge number of expressions produced at SLD – whether to keep them on, to bring them into more of a family context and to even consider which of the local market only expressions (such as Bounty) might well be considered for export. We also heard about the packaging revision and so have been eagerly awaiting the first glimpse.
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St Lucia Distillers Twitter Tasting


When: 16th May 2017
From: 7.00pm GMT
I’m pleased to reveal we’ll be hosting our 10th Twitter Tasting on the 16th May, and we will be taking a closer look at some of the amazing produced at St Lucia Distillers.
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The Rum Club Interview

A World of Discovery  

If you’re new to rum and want a helping hand, or perhaps you want to be challenged (in a nice way) and try things that you wouldn’t perhaps normally try. It could be that a subscription service might be what you’re looking for! Regular suggestions – an option to ‘opt out’ if you’re dead set against the next one (or perhaps you’ve already got it) – and lots more support besides.
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Launch of The All-New Mahiki Coconut Rum

…Liqueur & Bottled Cocktails  

This newly released Mahiki Coconut Rum Liqueur is actually pretty good – a great coconut flavour, with a noticeable rum base to it. Tastes so good, I reckon it could become a rummies guilty pleasure… 
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La Confrérie du Rhum la Mauny 2005

A Special Edition for The Brotherhood…  

The la Confrérie du Rhum is a group of enthusiasts who regularly exchange on social networks around their common passion: rhum. A special vintage for la Confrérie du Rhum has been created every year since 2015 and this time it is the turn of Maison la Mauny. The Limited Edition 2005 vintage, has been matured for 11 years in French oak barrels and complies with the Martinique appellation d'origine controlee (A.O.C.).
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Havana Club Tributo 2nd Edition

Seconds Out… Round 2 (Ding-Ding)!  

The second installment of the Tributo Collection, a series of the ‘Prestige’ rums from Havana Club’s aged reserves, was recently unveiled at the Cuban Habanos Festival and will have a limited release of 2,500 bottles globally.
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Maison Ferrand Purchases West Indies Rum Distillery
Exciting news in the Rum World... TFRS comment to be added soon.
PRESS RELEASE: Maison Ferrand Purchases Historic West Indies Rum Distillery (WIRD) In Barbados
This marks the first distillery acquisition outside of France for the French spirits producer
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St Lucia Distillers UK Tour 2017

Don’t Miss Out!  

There’s not a lot I can add to the following press release, except – St Lucian rums are pretty much fantastic across the board, and if you’ve not yet spent any quality time with them – then you really MUST NOT miss out on catching one of the UK dates.
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Clairin World Championship 2017

Haitian Clairin Encounters the World of Mixology  

Now entering its second year, the Velier sponsored Clairin World Championship has just launched and offers a truly experiential, trip of a lifetime to Haiti to complete in the global finals. Just the small matter of the European finals in Paris…
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Wild Tiger India Spiced Rum

Indian Spice!  

Love it or hate it, you certainly can’t ignore it! The strikingly presented Wild Tiger rum with its orange fur screams ‘look at me’. And the team behind Wild Tiger rum sure as hell can’t be accused of being lazy in their work ethic – Wild Tiger rum is one of the fastest growing rums in terms of availability I know of. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the brand is looking to take advantage of the continued rise in popularity of Spiced Rum and have released: Wild Tiger India Spiced Rum; a Spiced Rum that draws on the fact that India is the epicentre of so many exotic spices.
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Appleton Estate Joy Anniversary Blend

Pure Joy In A Glass!  

It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote of my love and respect for Joy Spence as Campari marked her 20 years as Master Blender for Appleton Estate – a person to be admired on so many levels. My little girl might be too young for role models right now, but as soon as she’s old enough – I’ll be telling her all about her ‘aunty’ Joy and if she studies and works hard she ‘can be just like Joy Spence’. 
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Carnival Expo 2017

It’s Rum Time at Carnival Expo!  

When: 13-14th May 2017
Where: The Oval, London returns to Carnival Expo this May, setting up our Rum Education stand and furnishing it with a wide range of authentic and tasty rums from all around the Caribbean and beyond. It’s well worth the price of the entry ticket on its own and that’s without all the other wonderful fun and entertainment to be had through the rest of the show.
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Doorly’s Rum UK Advocate

Just Who Is That Masked Macaw?  

In the world of rum, there are far too many times when it all seems a bit ‘smoke and mirrors’ and the truth hides behind a well-constructed marketing story. I’ve always thought honesty is always the best policy, so with that in mind… 
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