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Swizzle It Baby!  

This week it seems fitting that we feature a cocktail containing El Dorado rum, as the sad news was confirmed that Stefanie Holt has left her position as the Global Brand Ambassador in order to pursue an exciting new position. We like to think of it as the official serve of the week long leaving drinks party!
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Emperor Size Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum

“A Large One?”  

Last week the rum social media channels lit up with the release of ‘Emperor’, the brand new three-litre size bottle of Jamaica’s ubiquitous Overproof rum, Wray & Nephew. Writing this article and holding off adding a few jokes around the theme of ‘large’ has proved to be a challenge… But it's news that just had to be shared.
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Daiquiri – Cocktail of the Week


I can’t recall the first daiquiri I ever had. I can recall more than a few lousy ones though. The daiquiri remains an enigma wrapped up in three ingredients… Rum, lime and sugar… It really should be so easy right…
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Glorious Revolution White Rum

Made In Britain!  


What To Get The Rummy Who Thinks They Have Everything!

There is a clear, unaged, pot still rum with big, bold flavours called Glorious Revolution which launched a few months ago at RumFest. It revels in everything that the market leading rum is not… And it’s English! Hurrah!
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New Look Bottle For Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Part 2

…Less Glass  

One of our Christmas presents was a bottle of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and given it was of the new design (as recently unveiled a few months ago), it provided the ideal opportunity to compare side by side. Having an Engineering background and specifically a mould making and production edge, I just couldn’t help myself… (sorry)
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Trader Vics Grog – Cocktail of the Week

An Uncomplicated Favourite…  

2015’s Cocktail of the Week feature is my opportunity to share some serves that make me happy, or bring back happy memories or are technically brilliant (or whatever)… This week’s one is very simple, I first encountered in when I purchased Beachbum Berry’s Remixed: A Gallery of Tiki Drinks and it’s become a firm favourite despite its simplicity.
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Diplomático World Tournament 2015

It’s not just about winning… 

…It’s also all about the Beach!  

Are you thinking about entering the Diplomático Rum World Tournament cocktail competition? Not sure if you’re going to do it? Let me share a few things with you that might just help sway you in the right direction.
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Limited Edition Single Cask Clément Rhums

Something Special For 2015!  

Recently we visited the Amathus Drinks Soho shop to taste the recently released Rhum JM Cuvée 1845 (and were not all at all disappointed in that regard). Whilst we were there Emilie (the Brand Champion for Clément and Rhum JM) introduced us to two rather special Single Cask expressions, namely the Vanille Intense and 100% Canne Bleue Trés Vieux Rhum Agricoles. 
And yes, they were both lovely… 
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Bam Bam Ron Abuelo Raspo Cocktail Competition

Bam Bam!  

The New Year brings a new challenge: the goal is to feature a cocktail a week and I wanted to start with a fab serve that recently won the UK Ron Abuelo Raspao Cocktail bartenders competition. In order to enter, the competitors had to make use of a traditional Panamanian Raspao; a tool used by street vendors to shave ice for use in drinks. A simple premise perhaps, but the competition revealed all manner of imagination in the serves.
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Creating A Rum Legacy

A Sense of Family…  

‘Family’… It's a much-used marketing term these days with Bacardi, but the other day when Metinee (May) Kongsrivilai confirmed her promotion to UK Bacardi Brand Ambassador* the realities became so much more apparent. 
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A Look Back At The UK RumFest 2014

All Change!  

A few months may have past since the show, but I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to pass comment on the last UK RumFest. We wrote previously that 2014 was going to see some changes and in some corners of the rum social media, there was some fairly vociferous comment about the increased costs and statements of betrayal.
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Christmas Rum 2014

Gifting or Treating?  

If you are in the market for last minute ideas, we’ve put together a few rummy suggestions that that we think are either hidden gems or our firm favourites that you really shouldn’t overlook. With so many choices, it was tough to narrow it down and we’d certainly love to hear about any you’d recommend of course, but I don’t think you’ll go too far wrong with these.
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2015 Rum Festivals

A Year Of Rum!  

Same drill as last year: if you are organising a rum, other spirits, cocktail or tiki festival (both trade and consumer focused) anywhere in the world, please do let us know so we can add your details to the list.
Email us at: thefloatingrumshack [at] gmail [dot] com
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Coco Wray Cocktail with Wray and Nephew Overproof Rum


Fancy an indulgent serve, warming and (above all else) rummy serve to keep the chills off? How about a chocolate fusion with spiced bitters, perfect to enjoy at home? We thought so…
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Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Gift Packs

Christmas Gifting Suggestions  

Countdown to Christmas… Stuck for ideas? If you are like me, you don’t want to be stuck with ‘crappy’ stuff that just clogs up the living space and don’t want to inflict that sin on others, then a consumable present is going to tick all the right boxes. Sailor Jerry have released two solutions this Christmas Season that are bound to be a perfect fit with a friend or relative.
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Penny Blue XO Rum Batch 003

A Mauritian Exclusive…  

Hot on the heels of Batches #001 and #002, comes Batch #003; a Penny Blue XO release exclusive to Mauritius. By good fortune, a bottle arrived at RumShack HQ, so I was eager to fill a glass and see what this release brings to the table.
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Elements Eight Rum Gets a Fresh New Look

The Touch of Elementality…  

A chance sighting at a post on Facebook revealed that one of our favourite brands, Elements Eight are just about to roll out a fab new look to their range. We’ve got the press scoop and are happy to share…
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Ron Zacapa Reserva Limitada 2014

…Limited Edition Herb-Infused Blend  

We just heard that Zacapa will be releasing Reserva Limitada 2014, into the UK market this month. The second in what they envisage will be an annual series of limited editions. The 2013 blend was a blend of casks that was then given a year’s further ageing which we thought was pretty good. This year’s release promises something else entirely.
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Rhum JM Release Cuvee 1845


Rhum J.M. have revealed a brand new expression to their range of Martinique Agricole rhums, namely the Cuvée 1845, a reference to the company’s creation date. With almost 170 years of history and tradition behind Rhum J.M. we have high expectations of this being a very fine rhum indeed.
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Havana Club Unveil the Essence of Cuba

A New Twist on a Bitter Theme…  

Havana Club has linked up with The Bitter Truth to create The Essence of Cuba, a new range of drinks flavourings inspired by Havana Club Añejo 7 Años, providing bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts around the world with a completely new way to serve and enjoy the rum widely regarded to be the epitome of Cuban rum-making excellence.
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Berry Bros and Rudd Exceptional Cask 1977 Jamaican Overproof Rum

Exceptional Spirits...  

A few months, seemingly out of the blue a tot of rum turned up at my door marked Jamaica 1977 with a note enquiring my thoughts about it. I won’t lie – my main reaction was “I wish there was more of it”, but the sip revealed a bold, punchy Jamaican rum that demanded attention and hung around a fair bit after the sip had long since left my mouth… Turns out it was a small measure of the recently released Exceptional Cask series of which I’ve more information to share with you all.
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