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A Giant Step For Rum Kind!  

Our journalistic digging around for leads following the leaked NASA document we ran the other day has prompted a formal release and it’s blown our (tiny) minds!  Check this out:
Today BACARDI® -- the world's favourite and best-selling premium rum -- announces the launch of BACARDI® ORBIT™, the most noteworthy product introduction from BACARDI since the brand's inception in 1862.  Following its 150th anniversary, the introduction of BACARDI ORBIT reaffirms the brand's progressive mentality on rum production with expressions now across all rum segments -- traditional, flavoured, spiced and space aged.
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Captain Morgan Taco Rum

It's Taco Tuesday!  

I guess with the flavoured rum market the way it is in the US, this was only a matter of time…  => Success of New White Rum and Emerging Group Taco Occasion Leads to Mouth Watering Captain Morgan® Taco Rum.
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Gonsalves Extra Strong Rum 96%ABV

Is This The Strongest Commercially Available Rum?  


Despite a visit to St. Vincent a few years ago; despite being married to a lovely lass who is part Vincy, and despite regularly hanging out with experienced rummies, it seems that Gonsalves Extra Strong Rum has simply passed me by.  Until now that is…
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NASA and Bacardi Rum Partnership

Is This a Glimpse of the Future?  

What follows is too good to not share immediately.  Received from a trusted source it shows that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (an agency of the United States government), more commonly known as NASA has been working with Bacardi Rum.  
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Mauritian Rum Comes To London: A Preview

Discover Premium Rums of Mauritius at London's First Mauritius Rum Festival

Co-Hosted with The Mauritian Fashion Fiesta 2014  
* Trade Show *
Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th April 2014
Royal Oak Hall, Emirates Stadium
We featured the first ever Mauritian Rum Festival here on some months back (August 2013 to be precise).  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get along to it, despite offering various body parts in exchange, so it comes as some small satisfaction that the Enterprise Mauritius team are bringing the show to the UK, so we get to enjoy the bounty that the island has to offer.  Of course it’s not quite the same as having the hot Mauritian sunshine beating down on you, or your toes in the soft white sand…  Anyway…  If you are in the drinks trade, then you really should take the opportunity to visit and find out more first hand.
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Putting Pen to Shaker: A Bartenders Cocktail Competition 2014

“A European bartender cocktail competition inspired by British eccentricity, with a literary twist”

Last year I was happy to get along to the finals of the first Putting Pen to Shaker competition which was being held at Salvatore's Bar at Playboy.  It’s not often I attend a cocktail competition where the drinks can be made from more than one spirit category, in fact it’s a requirement of entry as the competition sponsors (The Poshmakers) have rum, gin and vodka in their portfolio.  The inaugural winner was David Hamilton-Boyd and his prize was a fabulous all-expenses paid trip to Madrid, along with his self-penned story featured in Bar Magazine for continued fame and maximum exposure!
The good news is that the competition is back for 2014, bigger than before and with more at stake in terms of prizes!
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Bacardi Rum and Tiki Take Over Quiz

Quiz Time!  

As part of the test in recruiting the very best of the UK Tiki Bartenders to take on the American team in Miami in April this year, the judges required all those competing to complete the following twenty question test.  So many people asked about it, that we thought it would be fun to run the same test here so you all can find out how you’d do.
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Bacardi Tiki Take Over 2014 UK Team Confirmed

And It's As Tiki As F*ck!  

Being asked to be a judge at a Tiki competition is one of the best things that can happen to anyone!  Front and centre with the best view in the house for catching all the antics.  Rum competitions tend to be livelier than most other spirit categories, but Tiki tops everything in terms of madcap acting, fire breathing, and amazing cocktails.  Having survived the regional rounds with both eyebrows and perhaps more importantly - my dignity intact – I’m now happy to confirm the team that will be heading to Miami to defend an unbeaten record in the Tiki Take Over!
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Tickets For RumFest 2014 Now On Sale

The UK RumFest Returns in October with a Fresh Look and a New Venue  

Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th October 2014
New venue - London's ILEC
It was only a few weeks ago when the one and only Global Rum Ambassador, Ian Burrell and I were sitting in a bar chatting excitedly about this year’s RumFest.  This year marks the 8th outing for the largest rum festival in the world, and whilst I may have bitched a bit before about the rudeness of some of those heading along just to get drunk, I genuinely felt RumFest 2013 was a positive step forward in tackling some of these issues.  I guess a hard truth of success is that the bigger a show gets, the scope for a few growing pains to develop creeps in.  This year the balance seems to be tilting further in favour of the ‘real rum fan’ and so I’m happy to share all the details as we know them.
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Time for a Clément Rhum Ti’Punch or Two?

Nicely Twisted Of Course…  

A little while ago, I got along to the London Heats of the Rhum Clément Twisted Ti’Punch competition being held at Rum and Sugar in Canary Wharf.  There really were some excellent cocktails being served up and the very best was by Mike Foster whom works at 69 Colebrooke Road (a bar with no name) in Islington, London.  If you’re up for the challenge, you can try your hand at recreating this cocktail yourselves using the recipe Mike shared with us.
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Rum and Pancakes

A Match Made In Pancake Heaven?  

If you celebrate Shrove or Shrovetide Tuesday, Pancake Day (or however you call it) as a prelude to Lent then today you could well be clearing your cupboard of all those temptations that will test your resolve in the coming days!  Even if you don't there’s a good chance that pancakes will feature and if you (like us) are rum fans, then you’ll love the Appleton Rum Butter Pancakes recipe we’d got to share with you.
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Trailer Happiness Rum Club Presents Ian Williams

Forthcoming Event: Rum Club with Ian Williams  

Where: Trailer Happiness, 177 Portobello Road, London W11 2DY
When: 10th March @ 7.00pm [Central Trailer Happiness Rum Time]
Even by ‘island-soon-come-time’ standards, it’s been a while since Trailer Happiness has hosted a rum club. But the good news is that they are returning in style with an in evening in the company of renowned author Ian Williams.  Ian wrote the wonderful book “Rum: A Social and Sociable History” and is widely travelled, experienced and respected in the world of spirits and rum in particular.
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New Look For Havana Club 15 Year Old Cuban Rum

New Look For Havana Club 15 Year Old Cuban Rum  

Havana Club International has revealed a new design for its iconic Havana Club 15 Year Old expression that highlights its authenticity and premium quality. The re-launch supports the brand’s ambition to reinforce its position in the ultra-premium and prestige rum category.
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Clément Rhum Masterclass at Amathus Drinks

I’m Thirsty for a Ti’Punch Now!    

A few days ago Amathus Drinks on Waldour Street (London) held a Rhum Clément masterclass.  With a section of rhums in front of me ranging from the excellent Clément Première Canne Rhum through to a Cuvée Spéciale X.O. containing a blend of three vintage years, I have to admit I was more than a little excited and rhum aside, it proved to be an extremely informative session that rushed by all too quickly.
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UK Tiki Bartenders: Your Country Needs YOU!

Bacardi Tiki Take Over 2014  

This April the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival returns to our rummy schedules and with the International Tiki Competition, we were upset to miss the last one having seen all the ones previously – but the very best news is that 2014 is shaping to be the best one yet.  I’m taking a moment to post about the Bacardi Tiki Take Over as this year see’s the UK team being put together in a different manner and if you’ve a mind to go to the bright lights of Miami and take part in one of the most rummy-fun competitions ever, then you need to read on…
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Bacardí Untameable Campaign Launches Across UK

It Starts With A Party...  

Last year we wrote about the new marketing campaign that Bacardi will be rolling out – well it now here and to mark this Bacardi are holding a few parties across the UK to get things going.  Bacardi are good at parties…
I’d best state now that it’s aimed at the drinks trade rather than the honest rum-loving-drinking consumer (sorry).  Your fun will come later - promise.
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