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A Summer Thirst Quencher!  

We’ve not featured a Friday cocktail for a while, so what with it being all hot sunny, us feeling a little bit lazy (and having the Sailor Jerry Bartender Appreciation Day article fresh in our minds), we’d ask our friends at SJ for a serving suggestion.  They came back with the ridiculously simple South Seas cocktail! And what a winner it is!
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Sailor Jerry UK Bartender Appreciation Day

Who Will Be The UK’s Favourite Bartender?  

Sailor Jerry Launches a UK Initiative to Get Bartenders a Day off and Find the ‘Nation’s Favourite Bartender’.  We’ve been told that the Sailor Jerry team spoke to 1,000 drinkers and bartenders across the UK and that the results are amazing!
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Haitian Rum Festival Preview

14th to 17th November 2014  

The first Haitian Rum Festival will be held in Port-au-Prince from 14 to 17 November 2014.  The events team (J'Organise) are looking to welcome rum fans from all over the world, both amateur and professional alike for what promises to be not only a wonderful showcase for rum, but an opportunity for Haiti to show off the islands crafts and creativity as well.  All being well, will be there and I can tell you we are pretty excited about the prospect.
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Let’s Enjoy Painkillers at the Beach This Summer

Camden Beach That Is…  

We are very happy to report that Pusser’s Rum sponsoring The Beach at Camden’s Roundhouse this summer, meaning there are more opportunities for rum fans to get their Painkiller on in the sunshine!
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Pussers Painkiller Cocktail

Black Tot Day Essentials (Part 2)  

Continuing the preparations for Black Tot Day, we’ve featured the Pusser’s Grog and now it’s time to feature the infamous Painkiller, a personal favourite of
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Pussers Grog Cocktail

Black Tot Day Essentials (Part 1)  

With Black Tot Day coming up on the horizon, we thought it might be a good idea to publish a couple of the serves that Pusser’s generally have at their events – both very easy to make and taste wonderful!
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Ferrand Release Stiggins Fancy: a Pineapple Flavoured Rum

Historical Tales of Flavoured Rum…  

FIRST USA TASTING: Tales of the Cocktail, Plantation Tasting Room: Sat, July 19, Bonnet Carre Room, Hotel Monteleone.
Press Release: In nineteenth-century England, a country that knew its spirits, one of the most prized was a thing called “pineapple rum,” a sipping spirit par excellence. Unfortunately, like many good things from the past, it eventually fell out of use and over the years its memory has faded - unless, of course, you’re a reader of Charles Dickens’ immortal Pickwick Papers, in which it features prominently as the favoured drink of the esteemed Reverend Stiggins. 
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The Duppy Share Rum

Just what is the Duppies Share?  

a) The Duppy Share is a blend of golden cask-aged rums from the islands of Jamaica and Barbados.

b) It is said that in the dead of night, when the distillers’ backs are turned, the dark duppy spirits journey between islands stealing a share of the rum left ageing in old oak barrels.  Spirit masters, and skilled in the fine art of blending, the duppies take only the best.

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The Real McCoy Rum lands on British shores

Rum Running at Imbibe Live!  

We think that this is particularly good news for UK rum fans: Following its successful launch throughout the United States The Real McCoy Rum is to launch at Imbibe 1st & 2nd of July 2014.  We thought it one of the best finds at the London RumFest in 2013 and have since enjoyed it a number of times, particularly in Miami and more specifically at breakfast… 
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Re’al Reveal New Syrups, Nectars and Purees at Imbibe Live

It’s Not Just Coconuts…

Our friends at Cellar Trends are launching the brand new extended range of Re’al fruit infused syrups, nectars and purees at Imbibe Live, taking the range from the much loved Coco Re’al, Coconut Cream to portfolio of nine, diverse flavours that will work in a number of cocktails and drinks.
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Pussers Rum Unveils Two New Expressions at Imbibe Live

Pussers Spiced and 40%ABV Expressions are UK Bound…  

Big things are going down in the Pussers Rum camp and Imbibe Live is the place to find out more! But for those that can’t make it along to the two day show that runs on the 1st and 2nd July at Olympia, then I’m happy to spill some of the beans…
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Ron Prohibido

“Rum So Good They Banned It!” Or So The Story Goes…  

The trouble with a tag line like “So good they banned it” is that if you don’t like it, you can’t help but wonder why it didn’t stay banned. The press information continues with “Traditionally aged in 12 year Solera for delicious aromas and a unique mellow, bitter-sweet taste”. That means I’m now put off by an age statement on a solera rum… Two negatives before I even get started… But, I guess the results of ageing in sweet raisin wine barrels is something I quite fancied trying – and I’m very happy I did.
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Professor Cornelius Ampleforths Rumbullion XO 15 Year Old Spiced Rum

The World’s First Super Premium Spiced Rum?  

The “Professor Cornelius Ampleforth” branded range of spirits pretty good – it covers a broad spectrum and included a pretty good spiced rum: Rumbullion!  Priced at £33.95, it wasn’t at all cheap – but being presented at a higher than normal (for spiced rum) 42.6%ABV the offering worked and I’ve no problem recommending it if you’re in the market for a spiced rum.
The development team have upped the game now though – we’ve received a press release and a small sample of what they are claiming is a ‘Super Premium’ spiced rum; namely one based upon a 15 year old rum and comes with a super-premium price tag as well!  So are these guy’s crazy?  Well…
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Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum Launches in the UK

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (And Wait, And Wait)…  

I’m happy to confirm that Mount Gay recently announced the launch of Mount Gay Black Barrel to the UK market.  This rum has been on’s rummy-radar for such a long time.  First sipped back in April 2013, we were told that it wouldn’t be until 2014 that we would get Black Barrel in the UK.  That was a bit of a blow I can tell you and it was only thanks to our rum-buddy Mike at that we’ve managed to survive so long…
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Abelha Organic Silver Cachaça Achieves Listing in Marks and Spencer

Caipirinha Time!  

Love it or loath it – the summer’s big news is the Football World Cap in Brazil, starting next week on the 12th June.  We’ve been predicting for ages that every pub, bar and drinking hole will be offering a cachaça based drink – namely Brazil’s national drink: the Caipirinha (pronounced ‘cay-per-reen-yah’ – well close enough to get by anyway).  Some will be awful, some will be wonderful, but in reality – it’s the simplest of serves.  
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Appleton Estate Rum Search for New UK Brand Ambassador

Lonely Hearts: World Famous Jamaican Rum Brand Seeks UK Ambassador For Rummy Fun…  

Joking aside – this is too good a job opportunity to not share spread the rum love:  
Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum is delighted to announce that they have begun the search for a new, London-based brand ambassador for the UK. The position is one of the most coveted in the spirits industry, working with some of the finest rums in the world.  Applicants must be passionate and enthusiastic about rum with strong cocktail and bartending knowledge, excellent trade relationships and the ambition to succeed within a competitive role.  This is a fantastic opportunity to work with a leading brand steeped in heritage and tradition.
The role will be national, but the Ambassador will probably have to visit Jamaica as well!
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