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It’s Rum Time at Carnival Expo!  

When: 13-14th May 2017
Where: The Oval, London returns to Carnival Expo this May, setting up our Rum Education stand and furnishing it with a wide range of authentic and tasty rums from all around the Caribbean and beyond. It’s well worth the price of the entry ticket on its own and that’s without all the other wonderful fun and entertainment to be had through the rest of the show.
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Doorly’s Rum UK Advocate

Just Who Is That Masked Macaw?  

In the world of rum, there are far too many times when it all seems a bit ‘smoke and mirrors’ and the truth hides behind a well-constructed marketing story. I’ve always thought honesty is always the best policy, so with that in mind… 
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The Virgin Holiday Spirit

Bottled Holiday?  

It’s certainly inspiring to see the projects that everyone’s favourite Global Rum Ambassador, Ian Burrell gets up to these days and The Virgin Holiday Spirit sure is one of them. I’m put off by some of the word usage in the press release, but I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for a V-Room so I can have a taste of the latest spiced rum to hit the market.
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Manchester Rum Festival 2017

Interested? Too Late… The Tickets Are All Gone!  

Well, I guess it was always going to be popular! Manchester’s first ever rum festival is coming to town this year, thanks to freelance drinks curator Dave Marsland, aka the Drinks Enthusiast.
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Tiki Cocktail Box to Launch in the UK

Bi-Monthly Cocktail Subscription Pack: The Perfect Gift?  

There’s no denying that tiki really is gaining popularity – I won’t use the word trendy – because that infers it won’t be trendy at some later point. If tiki is done properly, then it will last and that’s where the Tiki Cocktail Box people are looking to provide a service.
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Tales of the Cocktail On Tour Edinburgh

April 1st-4th 2017  

For those in the drinks trade, I think it’s widely accepted that the biggest cocktail and spirits focused event in the world is Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, USA. It’s a seriously large event that’s now set to celebrate its 15th incarnation this year on the July 18th-23rd. For those also in the know, Tales on Tour started seven years ago – taking the seminar format out on the road; giving people a taste of the main event and creating a buzz wherever they could. The good news for us Brits is that Tales on Tour is rocking up in Edinburgh this April (and next year as well) and its set to be the epicentre of awesome as so many super cool drinks industry folks head towards one of the best cocktail cities in the UK.
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Chatting Rum Festivals with Lucy Douglas

2017 The Year of Rum!  

2016 saw the UK enjoy an expansion of Rum Festivals with individually organised events in London, Cardiff and Leeds and that trend is set continue in 2017, in magnificent fashion with the announcement of a series of twelve (yes twelve) linked rummy events across the UK, all of which are the brainchild of Lucy Douglas, a rum fan and experienced organiser who thinks rum is set to hit the big time.
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2017 Rum Festivals

A Year of Rum!  

If you’re looking for a Rum Festival near you, or are looking to combine some rum-traveling with seeing a new part of the world, then you could do worse than check out our compilation of 2017 dates. Hope to see you along the way!
We’ve included some other spirits and cocktail festivals where appropriate and looked to indicate which are drinks trade only focused. 
As always – if you’re reading this article and have a festival of your own that you’d like to see featured, please do drop us a line at or via any of our social media channels.
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SeaWolf Scottish Pot Still Rum

New Rum Adds a Celtic Spin to A Caribbean Classic  

For a rum with such a limited amount of bottles up for sale initially, the PR team have made quite a splash in sharing the story far and wide. Kinda wish I’d run this last Wednesday, as I now look a bit ‘me too’, but whilst I’ve not yet tried SeaWolf yet, the reason I’m interested in it, is far than just the liquid in the bottle.
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Think Rum 2017

Think Rum 2017

When: 16th January 2017

A RUM trade show in London. Supported by Off Licence News, Harpers Wine & Spirits and CLASS.

For all inquiries relating to the show, please email:

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Rum Advent Calendar 2016

No Need To Cancel Christmas… The RumVent Calendars Are Back!

What do you get the rummy who has everything? How about a Rum Advent Calendar with which to countdown the Christmas season? OK – So that’s either an early Christmas present, or a generous gift, or perhaps just an indulgent present to yourself… In any event, 24x 30ml drams of delicious rum is certainly going to tick a lot of boxes.
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Mount Gay Rum Twitter Tasting


When: 6th December 2016
From: 7.30pm GMT
November 30th is the 50th Anniversary of Barbados Independence and you might have recently read on that Mount Gay have released a Limited Edition, Cask Strength version of their award-winning XO rum to mark the occasion... You might also have read about the new Origin Series release that features rums from their Copper Pot and Column stills… And what about their last release: Black Barrel, also featured here on TFRS.
Take a guess at what all of these rums have in common? 
Yeap… they will all feature in our last #TwitterTasting of 2016!
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Mount Gay XO Cask Strength 50th Anniversary Release

A Sip to Celebrate 50 Years!  

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Barbadian Independence (which is on the 30th November 2016), Mount Gay Distilleries, have released 3,000 bottles of XO Cask Strength, a limited-edition of its award-winning spirit: XO.
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Mount Gay Origin Series Volume Two Distillation

Mount Gay Showcases its Distillation Process  

Press Release: Mount Gay Rum is proud to present Origin Series: Volume Two, The Copper Stills Collection, the latest addition to its exclusive, limited-edition Origin Series.
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Alexander & James Luxury Gifting

Christmas Gifting  

It’s one of life’s certainties - and I’m not talking about death or taxes – I mean the Christmas ‘stressing’ about finding the perfect gift. Something special, with the sort of detail that makes it stand out. Well, I was recently invited to try the luxury gifting option that Alexander & James have to offer and I’m impressed enough to comment on their many solutions.
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Bacardí Legacy Northern European Final

The BACARDÍ UK Most Promising Bartender  

On Tuesday 8th of November BACARDÍ, crowned Joe Harper from The Century Bar at Gleneagles as the UK’s most promising bartender to compete at the global final of the ninth edition of its Legacy Cocktail Competition in Berlin in May 2017. Every year it seems the finals get that little bit better and this year the format changed, so that the guests (of which I was one) could sip all the serves – a total of 36* featuring at the NEUR finals – and chat about the inspiration etc.
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Aroma Academy Rum Training Session

December Rum Nosing Training  

The team at Aroma Academy have announced the next training day to run in December. It's the perfect starting point for anyone wishing to explore their own sensory abilities and further develop them. Interested? It’s well worth booking a place for you or to gift to an enthusiastic friend or relative!
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Bacardí Reveals Legacy’s UK Regional Winners

The UK Legacy Finalists Assemble…  

Bacardi UK have announced the six bartenders shortlisted to compete in the Northern European final of its 2017 BACARDÍ Legacy Cocktail Competition. Five regional heats have been held across the nation throughout September, with the regional finalists selected to pass on to the next stage of the competition, the Northern European final, that will take place in London on the 8th of November.
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Yaguara Ouro Cachaça Twitter Tasting
When: 22nd November

“There’s life beyond American Oak…”

It’s true – honestly – it’s quite feasible to mature spirits in something other than once used American Oak, but it seems that just about every spirit producer in the world takes advantage of the bourbon industries predilection for fresh oak and its reluctance to use the barrels more than once. Now I reckon if you age any spirit (and I mean grape, grain, cane and agave) in American Oak for long enough, it all starts to taste the same… But what if there was another option? 
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Listening To Mr Temple

A Moment of Introspection  

Another RumFest weekend has passed, it was our 9th consecutive annual weekender and the events 10th – a milestone worth celebrating for sure. It was also our first where the other half of had the opportunity to look around, whilst I found myself with the very pleasant task of helping the Yaguara Cachaça team on stand who were a man down. The view from behind the counter is very different and I’ll share my perspective on that soon, but it was this notion of working at the event that synched with my emotional look back over the years at the GRB Awards that have inspired this article.
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RumFest News with Revolución de Cuba & Bacardi

“Ordinary” To “Extraordinary”  

This year at RumFest, the team at Bacardi are partnering with Revolución de Cuba to provide a fully immersive experience for their stand. We’ve been told what to expect, but we don’t want to spoil the surprise for you all, so let’s just say that the journey starts outside the stand at the daiquiri fountain and you really won’t want to miss what comes next!
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