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... And We're Feeling Better Already!  

Good news for Pusser’s Painkiller fans. From this month, the world famous Painkiller will be making an appearance at Be At One venues across the country. I don’t normally post about a bar chain like Be At One adding a serve to the menu, but given it’s one of our personal fav’s it’s newsworthy in our eyes. It’s also good to know that there is a better chance of us getting a proper rummy option on our travels.
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Build Your Own Spirit-Filled Advent Calendar

Continued Innovation By Master of Malt  

Press Release: For the first time ever, Master of Malt is letting customers pick the contents of their own spirit-filled Advent Calendar from an extensive dram selection of over 4,000 whiskies, gins, rums and many other spirits.
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A Tale of Two Stills – A Response

Featured Post By Richard Seale, Foursquare Distillery

I was very disappointed to read the November editorial of ‘Got Rum’ magazine by publisher Luis Ayala. It seems as though Luis is responding to hearsay rather than making a substantive commentary on the Gargano Classification of Rum. It is not about Pot v Column; it is much more nuanced than that. Luca Gargano of Velier, Italy is one of the leading independent bottlers of rum and considered one of the category’s foremost authorities. He is not “lacking in the knowledge to push the concept”. I am confident once Luis has it properly explained, he will support the initiative. 
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Carta Switchel Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016

‘Carta Switchel’ Iain Griffiths: [Dandelyan]  

To conclude the eight UK Bacardi Legacy Semi-Finalists, we are pleased to feature Carta Switchel by Iain Griffiths.
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The Family Secret Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016

The Family Secret’ Andrew Dickey [The Merchant Hotel]

Our penultimate Bacardi Legacy UK Semi-Finalist serve is by Andrew Dickey of The Merchant House in Belfast. Andrew admitted some of his best ideas come to him around 4am much like this one!
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Father and Son Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016

‘Father and Son’ Ryan Snedden [Tonic Edinburgh]  

Our sixth Bacardi Legacy UK Semi-Finalist, Ryan Sneddon has found inspiration in his relationship with his father, and a connection to the Bacardi family history in creating his serve, ‘Father and Son’.
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Amistat Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016

‘Amistat’ Oliver Pluck [The East Village]

It seems that a well-earned moment of rest in front of the TV inspired our fifth featured UK Bacardi Legacy Semi-Finalist to create a serve that draws on Bacardi’s troubled past and future hopes. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ‘Amistat’ by Oliver Pluck, of The East Village bar in Leeds.
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Rooted In Santiago Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016

‘Rooted in Santiago’ Madeline Martin [Flipside Cocktail Club]  

Our fourth UK Bacardi Legacy Semi-Finalist is a relative newcomer to both the UK and the drinks industry but has created a serve that saw her win the South West Heats. Citing a personal connection in using coconut water, which has the obvious connection to ‘El Coco’ – the coconut tree that stood at the Bacardi Distillery in Cuba - Madi takes the cocktail in an interesting direction and is one I'm super keen to try.
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m happy to present for your drinking pleasure ‘Rooted in Santiago’.
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Mariposa Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016

‘Mariposa’ Robb Collins [London Cocktail Club]  

Happiness Is A Butterfly…*  
Robb Collins is our third UK Bacardi Legacy Semi-Finalist. Robb works at the Goodge Street London Cocktail Club and has created Mariposa, a serve that’s extremely easy to create for yourself, but has (in Robb’s opinion), all the makings of a classic!
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Penny Blue XO Single Cask No 28

Cask #28…  

Back when Batch #004 Penny Blue XO was unveiled last July, we were invited to the official launch at Milroy’s where, as part of the presentation the team indicated that a Single Cask offering was going to be made. Kinda feels a little earlier than planned but true as their word – Cask #28 has now been revealed to the world!
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Penny Blue XO Rum Batch 004

The Penny Drops!  

I was recently reminded I’d not posted about Penny Blue XO Batch #0004 which was released last July when I received notice of the Single Cask that’s just been released! More about the Single Cask in the next article, but for now it’s worth catching up on batch 4 and sharing some of the very interesting Q&A that came out of the official launch at Milroy’s.
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Family Tie Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2015

‘Family Tie’ Peter Nguyen [China Tang]

When Chris Moore revealed his top tips for Legacy success, a key part of it was the notion of choosing a theme that was close to you – something tangible, something real. Take it, make it work with not just the serve, but the whole concept. Looking for a solid connection with Bacardi will then give you a strong chance of success and in this case, there’s nothing more resonant than the notion of ‘family’.
Peter Nguyen takes this and makes it his own as we continue our look at this year’s UK Semi-Finalists.
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The Knot Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2016

‘The Knot’ Santiago Michelis [Happiness Forgets]  

The Bacardi Legacy UK Semi-Finals are soon to be upon us, and around about this time, I like to feature the details of the serves that have made the final eight – mostly because I love to share the passion and creativity that the best bartenders seem to have in abundance, but also because I hope that it might inspire others to get creative with rum!
To start the series, we have ‘The Knot’, by Santiago Michelis.
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It’s Halloween at The Bar – Cocktail of the Week

Scarily Simple Cocktails To Make At Home!  

Our friends at recently shared a link to a collection of Halloween themed simple serves and cocktails with us. Now brace yourself for this… Not all of the spirit bases on the website are rum, but that’s OK, right? I mean there are other choices in the world – as crazy as that might seem. Anyway, the serves fit right in with our drive to encourage people to experiment and enjoy rum (and other spirits) in different ways and so we wanted to share the resource with you.
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Lambs Cellar Selection Limited Edition Rum

Unground Rum…  

To kick off London’s first Rum Week Lamb’s, Lamb’s launch a limited edition, single cask rum, in one of Alfred Lamb’s old rum stores – in this case at Voltaire – where we joined Global Rum Ambassador, Ian Burrell as he hosted an exclusive tasting.
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Pussers Rum Unveils Pickle Night Cocktail

In A Pickle…  

If you read your history books, you’d be familiar with a popular Navy date called Pickle Night (more details below if you’re not). Marked by a number of navy-themed celebrations up and down the UK, this date is symbolic because on 4th November 1805, it was HMS Pickle that sailed back to Britain to take home the news of Lord Nelson’s death at the Battle of Trafalgar. In keeping with tradition, mixologist and self-confessed history buff, Nate Brown, founder of Merchant House gin and rum bar in The City, has created an exclusive new cocktail ‘A Grog for Nelson’, for this year’s celebrations. 
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BACARDÍ LEGACY Cocktail Competition UK Finalists Revealed

Who Will Make The Cut?  

BACARDÍ UK have revealed the bartenders through to the UK final of this year’s BACARDÍ Legacy Cocktail Competition following a series of regional heats around the country. 
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Matugga Rum Launches during Rum Experience Week 2015

From The Soil To The Soul  

A chance encounter with Matugga Rum at this year’s Carnival Expo has given us the exciting opportunity to see a new brand prepping and building towards its official launch during Rum Week and RumFest.
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Botran and Co 75th Anniversary Rum


To mark their 75th Anniversary, Ron Botran have put together something dramatically different to all the ‘regular’ box set rums that you might expect. Officially launched on the 1st October, we got an advance peak at the thinking behind the product, namely the CoCreate tagline.
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RumBlender Unique Rum Blend Gift

Wingman’s Blend: The Perfect Gift!  

Our buddy Richard (a.k.a. Wingman) has been pretty good to us of late, helping us out with all kinds of things and so we wanted to get him a little 'something' by way of thanks. Having had a little experience of the Davey Jones Revenge blend loaned to us by for our recent Carnival Expo stand – we thought a personalised rum was going to tick all the boxes!
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Authentic Caribbean Rum News

WIRSPA Names Neil Morris as Global Ambassador for the ACR Marque  

This news from WIRSPA is perhaps primarily of interest to the drinks industry, but I’m running it as the footnotes on member countries and producers is well worth knowing.
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