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So Who’s For Grog?  

This year is the 45th Anniversary of the very last Royal Navy Rum Ration being issued aboard Her Majesty’s ships. It seems odd to celebrate such an event, but truth be told even back in the 1960’s the notion of a regular ration of high strength booze being issued to those in charge of day to day operations on board a vessel capable of making war (and don’t forget some vessels could actually fight a nuclear war!) was more than a little off. It might have taken a fair bit of argument through parliament, but after a couple of years finally an act of parliament was passed and on the 31st July 1970, the final rum ration was issued.
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Mount Gay Rum News

Rémy Cointreau Have the Complete Package Now  

The latest press release from Rémy Cointreau confirms that Mount Gay Distilleries have purchased the historical Mount Gay plantation to pursue the creation of luxury ‘terroir’ rum. In January 2015, Mount Gay Distilleries acquired a 134-hectare land around its distillery, in the Northern Parish of St Lucy, Barbados. 
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Black Tot Day 2015

Life’s Still a Beach…  

…at Camden Beach! Pusser’s Rum returns to Camden Beach (The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8EH) this coming Friday 31st July to mark the 45th Anniversary of Black Tot Day. It’s ‘Up Spirits’ from 5pm. There will be rum and masterclasses – it’s a great opportunity to try the rum and find out a little more about the history and traditions that underpin Royal Navy Rum! But if that’s a little too far away for you, then the events tab on the website might help you find the nearest to you.
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El Dorado Rum Bartender Cocktail Competition 2015

Bartenders Take Note… 

The El Dorado Demerara Rum Cocktail Competition is now open to enter! The team at Lovedrinks have shared the details with us and we wanted to pass them along to you all. The prize is a trip to Guyana where you’ll get to visit the Diamond Distillery where the award-winning range is made.  You’ll also get the chance to experience some the most natural and beautiful surroundings in Guyana including Kaiteur Falls, the world’s largest water single drop waterfall.
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The ‘New Single Malt’ Rum?

An Exclusive Launch in Travel Retail

Bacardi have been in the drinks industry news quite a lot of late. The sad news of a large number of lay-off’s due to restructuring. The decline in white rum sales meaning Drinks International ran the article “King of rum Bacardi falls to (Indian Rum) McDowell’s” (BTW I’m not yet totally convinced we are comparing apples and oranges as far as definitions of rum are concerned). Then there was the open letter to Facundo Bacardi, in which a former Bacardi President urged ‘focus’… All very negative… However in the last few days we’ve seen news stories indicating Bacardi have just purchased the Banks Rum ‘brand’ and taken full ownership of the cachaça brand: Leblon (they previously had a minority investment for a number of years).
Now this: the exclusive launch in Travel Retail of two single estate rums, given a ‘single malt’ status. Wow! What is going on?
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Pussers Rum Twitter Tasting

Up Spirits!

When: 7pm (BST+1), 29th July 2015
Hashtag: #ItsTotTime
All rum fans will know that Black Tot Day is now only a few weeks away and to mark passing of the Royal Navy Rum Ration, we’ve got together with Pusser’s Rum to host a Twitter Tasting which will take you through the full range currently available here in the UK; Namely Pusser’s Spiced, Blue Label 40%, Gunpowder Proof 54.5% and 15 Year Old. It’s an opportunity to find out a little more about Navy Rum, put your questions to the team behind the brand and (of course) sip some very fine rum! We might even chat cocktails…
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Piña Colada - Cocktail of the Week

Do You Like Piña Coladas?  

…and getting caught in the rain?* Scratch that – it’s really not important - but if you’re a) female and b) interested in making love at midnight – please email us on the usual address. The countdown to National Piña Colada Day - 10th July – is on. We’ve no idea whose nation is celebrating it (and probably don’t care either) as far as I’m concerned it’s always time for a Piña Colada…
*In typically English Summer style, it’s raining now… 
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Coco Lopez and El Dorado Rum Cocktail Competition

Twisted Piña Colada…  

Given we are on a countdown to National Piña Colada Day, it seems entirely appropriate to report on some of the recent fun that went down at The Liar’s Club. El Dorada Rum and Coco Lopez sponsored a Bartenders Cocktail competition, one part of which was to produce a serve featuring the rum and cream of coconut in a Hamilton Beach Blender and the other part was to offer a twist on a piña colada! Yeah – that sounds like fun right?
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Abelha Organic Cachaça Summer Label

The Road To Rio 2016  

Abelha Cachaça are to launch a competition inviting bartenders, artists and members of the public to submit designs for a label for limited edition run of Abelha Organic Cachaça which will be launched before the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. As a part of this celebration, Abelha Organic Cachaça commissioned celebrated female urban artist Ananda Nahu, to design Abelha´s new label.
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The Painkiller - Cocktail of the Week

Happy Territory Day British Virgin Islands!*  

*As taken from the “Another 1001 Tenuous Excuses to Drink a Cocktail Ever” (Volume 2, Page 386, Paragraph 5)
Anyone you knows me will know I love a Painkiller – it’s ridiculously easy to drink, tasty, rummy and fab a reminder of days in the sun with friends! Fortunately, the 1st of July is Territory Day in the British Virgin Islands and that’s ticking sufficient boxes for me!
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BACARDÍ Classics Softball Tournament 2015 Results

...And It Was Totally Like Exercise! (Dammit)  

For the fourth year running (on Sunday 14th June) the annual UK BACARDÍ Classics Softball Tournament for bartenders provided the many unfit members of the London drinks scene the perfect opportunity to stretch all the muscles they didn’t know they had… Even the media team (which included me) who crashed out in the first round felt the burn… 
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Venezuela De Ayer - Cocktail of the Week

Summer Drinking! 

The sun's out and a few cocktails in the sunshine seems entirely appropriate and since I was able to get a few ‘key’ rums back into stock, I’ve now been able to try making a few serves in the home bar. The first of which I like so much that it’s going to be our Cocktail of the Week. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m happy to present Venezuela De Ayer, by Martin Tummino.
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Clément Ti'Punch Cup Preview 2015

Morning, Noon and Night…  

That’s just how often those lucky people in Martinique enjoy a Ti’Punch. Not forgetting all those occasions in between that generally feel better with a decent measure of rum, lime and sugar inside you! It's also the basis for a fab bartender competition that offers the winner an amazing trip to Martinique!
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Rhum Saint James 250th Anniversary Celebrations

July = Party Time!  

Rhum Saint James is celebrating its 250th anniversary this year with a special commemorative bottling (Cuvée 1765), a host of festivities on its home island of Martinique, and a worldwide marketing campaign.
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Rhum JM Anniversary Cask Finish Collection


Rhum JM have released a "Tour de France" of "French Spirits" by launching a range of three special cask finishes as a part of its 225th-anniversary celebrations.
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New Clément and JM Rhum UK Summer 2015

Rhum Time…  

Invitations to try some of the latest expressions of Martinique agricole rhums from Clément and JM don’t come along every day and so recently along with a few fellow rummies, I decamped to Amathus on Wardour St., London with Clément & J.M.’s Brand Ambassador, Emilie Campesato-Mouragne and got stuck in…
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BACARDÍ Classics Softball Tournament 2015

Sounds Suspiciously Like Exercise…  

It’s back!  The London bartending community’s must-attend sporting event of the year, the BACARDÍ Classics Softball tournament will take place on Sunday, 14th June 2015 at Finsbury Park Softball pitches from 12:30pm. 
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Spirit of Brazil at Sugar Cane Bar

It’s Not Rum School This Time…  

Where: Sugar Cane Bar
247 Lavender Hill
London SW11 1JW
Nearest Tube: Clapham Junction
When: 9th June 2015 / 7.00pm Start
Cost: Free / Eventbrite Tickets
Our next Rum School… Scratch that…  Cachaça School brings you the opportunity to find out a little more about the National Spirit of Brazil: Cachaça!
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Duppy Share Spirit Social 4

Celebrate The Best of London’s Start-Up Drinks Scene…  

When: 11th June 2015
When: 6-11pm
Where: Maxilla Hall Social Club
2 Maxilla Walk
London W10 6NQ
The Duppy Share presents The Spirits Social #4, returns on the 11th June, promising more of the relaxed, fun opportunities to explore some of the newcomers to the London drinks scene. 
Thanks to the organisers, The Duppy Share we’ve a pair of tickets to give away.
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Havana Club Icónica Collection Twitter Tasting Q5


1st June, 2015 7.30pm (UK)

The last of our fab Havana Club Icónica Collection tasting sample sets has now been released! If you want to get involved first hand with the Twitter Tasting we are hosting on the 1st of June, then read on to find the question and how you can go about getting your name in the draw. 
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SWIG Hipflask

Form And Function...  

The guys at SWIG recently asked if we’d test drive one of their hip flasks and I accepted as I’ve often found myself taking one for events where the expected selection of booze on offer will be poor. But what to say in review about something that simply holds liquid? Well, I guess it’s more about the experience and in that regard, the hipflask does its thing.
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