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Looking Good!  

The original Rum Kitchen site re-opened a week or so ago after an extensive refurbishment. And despite the multiple invites, I only just got along and I’m really glad I did. Happy to share our thoughts on the refit if you’re interested?
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Spirit of Tiki Re-Launches in London

Aloha London!  

When: 7th October 2016
Where: Langham Hotel
1C Portland Place
Regent Street
London W1B 1JA
After the excitement surrounding the launch of Spirit of Tiki back in July, the news that it had to be postponed due to a fire at the venue was taken stoically, but with sadness. We were all looking forward to it - but the good news is that the event has arisen from the ashes (no pun intended) and looks set to join the fun as a part of the London Cocktail Week celebrations.
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Woods Navy Rum Twitter Tasting


When: 27th September 2016 7.30pm 
The Summer Holidays are done, the kids have gone back to school and it is time for our rummy learnings and exploration to continue. With this in mind, we are going to deconstruct Wood’s Navy Rum, one of the more well-known rums commercially available here in the UK. 
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Sailor Jerry Launches The Ride Inspired Bartender Cocktail Competition

Balls to Wall Cocktail Making!  

Following on from this years ‘The Ride’, Sailor Jerry has just launched an online cocktail competition for the UK’s bartenders, challenging them to create a Sailor Jerry serve inspired by one of the teams who took part. Video clips are online now at, encouraging bartenders to post their creations to enter.
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The Real McCoy Rum To Gain John Lewis Listing

Partnership Rum Running…  

It’s always pleasing to hear that the availability of authentic rum increases, meaning regular people and not just rum fans are likely to encounter it. So its good news to hear that a large number of John Lewis stores across the UK and online via John Lewis Direct, will soon be stocking The Real McCoy rum from Foursquare Distillery, Barbados.
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Tiki Weekender at Urban Beach

Aloha Bournemouth!  

When: 26-29th August 2016
Where: Urban Beach
23 Argyll Road
Couldn’t help but give our friends at Urban Beach a shout-out as they are throwing a bit of tiki weekender fun this coming Bank Holiday. Sporting a core selection of fantastically priced cocktails, which we fully expect to be delicious and an entirely appropriate sharing platter – it’s difficult for us to stay away! See you there?
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10th UK RumFest 2016 Preview

Down For A Ten Stretch…  

With every passing year, I wish more and more that we’d known about RumFest when it launched in 2007, that first show was the only one we’ve missed, but we have been pleased to attend every day, of every show ever since. It’s our 9th coming up, but I can only imagine how Ian Burrell feels about his baby turning 10 this October. Pretty special I imagine!
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Aroma Academy Training Sessions

September Training Courses! *Update*

The team at Aroma Academy have announced the next set of training days to run in September. It's the perfect starting point for anyone wishing to explore their own sensory abilities and further develop them. Interested? It’s well worth booking a place for you or to gift to an enthusiastic friend or relative!
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The Rum Kitchen Brixton

A New Home of Rum in Brixton  

Ever since we started back in early 2009, we kept hearing that rum is going to be the next big thing – whilst the boom/bust fad never did quite materialise (at least so far), I’m always happy to see more and more specialist rum bars opening. The Rum Kitchens on All Saints Lane, Notting Hill and Kingly Court, Carnaby Street have all provided a lot of rummy fun over the years – and I’m sure the new Brixton site will continue in the same vein! 
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Cocktail of the Week El Dorado Demerara Swizzle

Raise a Glass to National Rum Day...  

It’s been ages since we last featured a Cocktail of the Week, but given its summer and something ‘long and refreshing’ is in order and the good news that El Dorado 5YO rum is now more easily available (as it’s just been listed by Sainsbury’s Supermarket), how about a super easy to make, super tasty El Dorado Demerara Swizzle?
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Casa Havana Pop-Up Launches in London

A Cuban Experience  

Havana Club is set to throw open the doors to Casa Havana, a brand new pop-up experiential space running from 11th-20th August at 15 Bateman Street in the heart of Soho, London. Casa Havana is a versatile space designed to celebrate the authentic Cuba, brought to life through key cultural pillars food, music, and colour.
Casa Havana
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Diplomático Rum Announces 3rd Edition of its World Tournament

Time To Register!  

Calling all bartenders! Diplomático Rum’s Global Cocktail Competition returns for its 3rd Edition, and it is open to bartenders from 40 counties worldwide, all of which will be vying to compete in the World Finals in London, 2017. But do not worry - holding the World Finals in the UK does not preclude an amazing trip to Venezuela as you will have already visited Barquisimeto for the semi-finals! Do not delay – register your interest now!
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Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival St Maarten 2016

6th Year... Strength to Strength…  

A visit to St Maarten in November would be great I’m sure you’d agree. Combine with a Rum Festival and you’ve all the makings of a fab ol’ time!
Press Release: The 6th Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival is returning to St Maarten on 4-5 November 2016. The one of a kind event is an expo of rum & beer beverages, combined with the 2016 CAB Taste Contest, workshops, cooking demos, cocktail competitions, rum & beer seminars, music, entertainment and pure fun. 
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Mount Gay Rum Bar at Camden Beach

Barbados Comes to North London…  

Mount Gay Rum have announced that they are hosting their very own bar this year at Camden Beach at the Roundhouse - and it’s now open! The event, running from 29th July - 29th August, has returned for its fifth year as headline sponsor Virgin Holidays bring a touch of Barbados to North London.
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Trois Rivieres Cuvee de l'Ocean

The Taste Of The Ocean…  

There’s an expression of rhum from Martinique that’s rather special – and given that I think a huge amount of rhum from Martinique is pretty damn good, then please believe me when I say that this one really stands out. It’s not aged for a long time; it’s not even matured at all. It’s special to me because it helps demonstrate that rhum produced from sugar cane juice is fully able to demonstrate a sense of origin. 
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Wrays Jerk Fest Serves Up a Feast of Jamaican Culture
When: 2-11pm 6th August 2016
It’s a tenuous rum link, but we had to share the fact that Wray & Nephew are taking over the Bussey Rooftop Bar for a jerk BBQ competition on the 6th August. There will be DJs playing Jamaican vibes, rum and rum punch. And it was the last two details that ticked the box!
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Plantation Old Fashioned Traditional Dark Overproof Rum

Oh F*ck! That's O.F.T.D.  

Plantation Rum, headed by the ever-creative Alexandre Gabriel have recently launched their replacement for the Trinidad Original Dark Overproof rum. We wrote about the 40%ABV version of Original Dark changing from Trinidad rum, to a blend of Trinidad and Jamaica rums and at the time there was no firm indication that the Overproof version was going the same way. Subsequently, an ‘insider’ source at Plantation indicated that Alexandre had something special planned, and the rest (as they say) is history!
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El Dorado 5YO Goes UK Wide with Sainsburys

Supermarket Gold  

We are super happy that El Dorado 5 year old rum will become available nationwide through Sainsbury’s from the end of July 2016. ED5 is a versatile and tasty rum – and UK rummies are better off for having it more widely available. We’ve all the details and a few tasty serves to help you get the best from your bottle! 
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Behind Bars Akademia

"Let’s make the difference together"  

It’s not very often that the topic of conversation veers away from rum here at, but when it does, I like to think it’s for a good reason. The bartending world of which I’ve become very close to tends to produce some big-hearted people and it’s for that reason I’m writing about the Behind Bars Akademia.
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The Spirit Show London

The World of Spirits Finds a New Home!  

When: 9th & 10th December 2016
Where: Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street
London N1 0QH
As a chap who is passionate about promoting the category of rum, the biggest issue that anyone has is getting in front of people in a meaningful way. Websites, social media and anything electronic are good – but actually sampling and sharing the story face to face is really important. With the arrival of The Spirit Show, we might just be ticking all the boxes.
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Spirit of Tiki Launches in London

Aloha London!  

When: 14 & 15th August 2016
Where: Beach 338, 
338 Boord Street
London SE10 0PF 
The US (of A) can quite rightly claim the ownership of tiki and whilst the Brits and others around the world have done their best and quite often, done extremely well at making it their own, they can never claim it’s place of birth. Donn Beach and Trader Vic started a craze that has found its way to the modern day. In fact, the tiki subculture is in very good health – not since its heyday has the drinks scene seen so many new tiki bars opening around the world. But with the exception of one or two events, the US enjoys so many tiki celebrations it verges on the sickening. Tiki Oasis, Tiki Con and the Hukilau to name but a few. Fortunately, the UK in its own small way is getting a foothold – this summer, The Spirit of Tiki hits the ground running in London.
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