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Tuesday, 15 December 2009 21:42

"Rum Shack Small Ad's"  Wanted: UK Partner For Columbian Rum!

Rum Dictador'We have a product and a desire to find a relationship.  Is there anyone in the UK who can help?'

It's not the first time that TheFloatingRumShack.com hears of a rum producer looking for a UK partner to bring the product to our market.  I'm pretty sure that we encountered at least one at RumFest 2008 - probably two companies that fit that bill.  RumFest 2009 was no different: Ladies and Gentlemen, please let me introduce Rum Dictador!  A Columbian rum!  Probably a unique proposition in the UK.

In my rambling summary of RumFest, I was probably a little hard on Rum Dictador as I thought naming something "Dictator" had a tough connotation - but in hindsight, I reckon that that's not going to hold it back.  The brand is all about being 'sexy'.  Sex sells and that alluring imagery of the product brochure [click here if you want to see for yourself] will probably work very well in the UK.  I can't blame the fella in the picture for not having a glass of rum in his hand - the lass on his back is probably a distraction.  This is something that's going to be promoted along the lines of a fashionable item - it's certainly not going to be promoted as something for Grandad.  That said, if you've ever had the pleasure of meeting my Grandad, then you'll not judge a book by it's cover.

Rum Dictador 20The small tot of rum I had certainly wasn't unpleasant and if the team behind Dictador want to send me a refresher, then I'll be only too happy to take a second sip.  This is most likely down to the fact that the range is based upon the solera system of blending, to get the flavour and complexity.  I've certainly heard many 'negative' comments about solera rums in just the short space of time that I've been interested in rum.  The definition of the age statement is generally the biggest criticism.  And at times I think I understand where people are coming from in their view point.  I can't say I agree entirely, but sometimes I think that solera rums are just too easy to drink and therefore not a challenge to the taste buds.  Of course when you read that back, you realise that easy can also be attractive - it's not demanding - it's a pleasure.  It's true to say that some of my most favourite rums (I don't just have one favourite! *) are solera blends and all them please the taste buds.

* I live in fear of the day that someone really puts me on the spot and says 'tell me your favourite rum!'  After a bit of procrastination and a gun to the head to add incentive, I'd probably name one, but if they then asked me 'Are you sure?' I'd probably just tell them to 'pull the trigger' and put me out of my misery...

Not for the first time in a piece I digress...  Returning to the subject in hand, Rum Dictador was being promoted in 12 and 20 year old expressions - I will state that my assumption is that this is the oldest rum in the blend and we'll leave it at that.  The product range indicates an XO, but that didn't appear to be on offer at RumFest.  Both were very nice, but my lack of a follow up taste, means that I'm going to have to hope that Hernan, Mariusz and Tomasz find their way to the UK again to give me a chance.  Ideally sooner rather than later.

Rum Dictador 12I contacted the team to get an update on their success in seeking a UK partner.  Tomasz Bogdanski, their business representative came back to me very quickly with the following news - "...our entry into the European market will take place in the middle of February. First we'll start with German, Netherlands, Austrian, French and Polish markets. We are still looking for the distributor in the UK".  So there you have it - an opportunity perhaps for the right company.

Tomasz goes on to say that their website is work-in-progress, but that the full site should come online soon.  To take a look for yourself - click here.

So I'd like to say that if you want to get a bottle for yourself click here... but of course I can't - I need someone from the UK drinks market to stand up and say that they will run with it.  So over to you!

I do have the contact details for the team and will happily pass them to anyone genuinely interested - contact me at the normal address.



Note - We are very happy to say that since this article was released - Dictador did indeed find 'love' in the UK.

Click here to see how the love affair developed!

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