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R.L.Seale's 10 Year Old E-mail
Thursday, 08 April 2010 19:31

Foursquare's Flagship 

R.L.Seale's 10 Year OldAnd so my friends,TheFloatingRumShack.com draws to a close on its encounter with the three golden rums from Foursquare Distillery.  We’ve tasted and enjoyed both Doorly’s 5 year old and XO and now we come along side Foursquares flagship rum, the award winning: R.L. Seale’s 10 year old.  The bottle screams out for attention, but will the rum deliver on the bottles promise?

I’ll put you out of your misery – YES – of course it does and on several levels which we’ll get to in a moment.  I’m keen to not make every rum I write about be the most beautiful rum ever, but I will say that rum in general agrees with me.  Regrettably I had a few rubbish rums as well and you probably will never hear about them here until:

  1. I know just what my position within the liable laws is and...
  2. I’m sure that I won’t upset anyone (too) important!


The thing is that having had so many good experiences with Foursquare rums, I’m bound to be onto a winner and because I’ve only chosen to publish something about a select few (relatively speaking) of the ones that we’ve purchased, the odds on my subject matter being worthy are very high.  So with that in mind, I'll press on.

R.L.Seale's 10 Year OldThe moment we opened the bottle and took a sip we knew we were in for a treat.  But before you even open the bottle you have a range of experiences to contend with.  The bottle itself is best described as eclectic, or perhaps slightly bonkers...  It’s definitely a unique design!  ‘Melted’ springs to mind as does ‘why?’  I’m going to save actually asking the question until I meet Richard Seale in person next time.  It is strangely ergonomic though.  I wonder if the grip has something to do with assisting a pouring action?  [update: a friend of TFRS has confirmed the thinking behind the desing and to find out more for yourself - check out the footnote!]

Other points worthy of note are the cork stopper and the natty gold ‘pirate’ badge on the front.  The simplicity of the labelling works well and the black glass completes a pretty individual look and feel.  This is not a bottle that is going to fade into the back ground in your collection.

I have a confession (*) although I’ve seen the bottle on the back bar of many fine establishments, I never quite got around to taking a sip before now.  But that aside: what about that first sip?  Well...  it was just amazing!

I’ve returned to the bottle a few times since – I’m trying to live with a rum for a week or so before scribbling a few words down, so that I get a better feel for the style and taste.  In fact as I’m in a mood for confessions – I will admit that between receiving the bottle and writing this, we had a party around our place - and just where was the bottle?  Safely hidden away ‘sez I!’  I’m not ashamed either – when the ravening hordes descend – let them drink supermarket own-brand!  Normally we share - in order to gauge reaction, but not this time!

Having waxed lyrical about the taste – what about the taste?  Its smooth.  So very smooth.  Rich in flavour – with dried fruit notes and all manner of loveliness!  It slips down with an easy finish and you’ll find that you’re drinking a fine rum that will have you draining the glass and reaching for another before you realise you’re doing it!  So with this in mind, perhaps ‘pleasurably dangerous’ should be added to the government health warning on the reverse of the bottle.

I’ve not had the heart to mix this with anything not even an ice cube, so I can’t tell you what that might bring.  I can’t see me doing that in the future either – so don’t ask.

The important thing is that your taste buds will react differently to the same liquid depending upon time of day, mood, what you’ve just eaten and all manner of other reasons.  The thing with this rum is that every time we’ve gone back to it; it’s been just as lovely as the time before.  Perhaps not the ‘wow’ of the first time, but then familiarity comes into play as does such chemical reactions as oxidation which will change the nature of the beast.  A lovely sipping rum that will be missed when the bottle has been emptied and extremely likely to be replaced at first opportunity.

R.L.Seale's 10 Year OldIf you were thinking of getting yourself a bottle, then it appears to be listed on The Whisky Exchange for £28.50 and The Drink Shop for £30.94 – so splitting the difference, about thirty quid!  This means it’s not super cheap, but equally it means that it’s not top end of the range – price wise this has competition, but it’s competitive and should therefore stand a chance of making it to your collection.

BTW – the bottle strength of 43% ABV is the norm for Barbados and the exported version doesn’t deviate in this regard.

At some point I’m going to have to spill the beans on some of the technical aspects of rum production at Foursquare – but this piece doesn’t seem the best place for it, so if you’ll let me, I’d like to come back to this sort of nerdiness in the future.

Enough superlatives – we love this rum!  Article ends...

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Philip Wilson of Eaux De Vie Limited for the Foursquare samples which have made our scribbling’s possible.






(*) Confession: I really don’t like anything asymmetric so the bottle just makes me want to go 'arrrgggghhhh!!!' and 'ggrrrrhhhh!!'  It’s probably psychological and I know I’m possibly unique in this – but anything asymmetric by default is probably the devils work... this rum will go some way to correcting this psychological defect – but it’s going to take more than just one bottle... [sorry] but there it is.  Just had to get that off my chest!  Sorry Richard!

Update: with thanks to James Wynn-Williams (formally of Trailer Happiness - now at All Star Lanes) - The bottle is based on an old leather bottle.  The pirate is a link to Old Brigand, that is also produced at Foursquare.  The bottle design was also confirmed by Simon 'Tiki' Leighton - thanks for your feedback guy's!




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