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The Daiquiri: The First Method of Investigation E-mail
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Tuesday, 29 March 2011 19:23

A Very Simple Serve 

The Daiquiri: The First Method of InvestigationTheFloatingRumShack.com loves daiquiris!  We’ve had some lousy ones served to us over the last few years and we’ve had some truly amazing ones – which in itself is a little strange, given that a daiquiri is nothing more than rum, lime and sugar – you would have thought it impossible to get it wrong eh?

Well the truth is – it’s a bit more complicated than that...

I’m not a bartender – I’m not here to preach on the methodology.  I’m not here (on this occasion) to discuss the history – was it that little town in Cuba or does it date back further to El Draque?  Not important right now...


I thought, for the record and to invite discussion, I might publish the formulation I use to test a rum for mixability – to see if it’s got the balls to stand up and be counted or if it will fade into obscurity.  It’s a starting point from which further investigation can be made.  And by the way – not every rum gets treated this way: a recent addition to the collection was a bottle of Appleton 21 Year Old rum – that’s for sipping only!

Method: into a three part shaker goes:

1oz of freshly squeezed lime juice
1oz of 3:2 ratio sugar syrup.  For the record, we use Sainsburys Fairtrade cane sugar to make our own sugar syrup
2.5oz of the rum in question
Lots of ice

Then... shake like mad until a nice frost forms on the outside of the shaker and we get a little dilution from the smashed up ice.  I’m not fussed on double straining – little flecks of ice are OK with me – I mean it’s not as though I’m selling this drink or anything!

Even if we are just reviewing, we tend to serve in a martini glass – we generally don’t garnish though.

I can hear some say “Why so much sugar?”  Well I like mine tending towards the sour, Pauline likes hers tending towards the sweet – this seems to be an acceptable middle ground.  I like to use a larger rum quantity than most and this helps the balance.  Subsequent daiquiris may well be adjusted of course.

The Daiquiri: The First Method of Investigation

The Appleton V/X daiquiri made the other day was awesome with this mix – there was a rum we tested previously and that didn’t even register – just tasted like a sugar and lime drink, but then it had been intentionally filtered to within an inch of its life for extra purity!


P.S. – I know the photo above recycles the Caribbean Curve Ball cocktail picture previously used, but it’s a nice picture and the drinks look the same OK?



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