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Wednesday, 11 March 2009 21:22

A Rum Renegade?

News about this sort of company is just the sort of thing I'm keen to announce from the highest towers in the land.  A UK company that bottles top notch rum here in Blighty...  Hurrah!  An intriguing blend of rare, single vintage Caribbean rums that are aged in European premium wine or port casks: this sounds interesting!

Renegade Rum

Renegade Rums were formed in 2007.  Andrew Gray and 35 other whiskey and wine enthusiasts purchased the Bruichladdich Distillery in December 2000 and they have been the best selling single malt Whiskey over the 2000 to 2007 period (the 2008 results are not yet released).  Andrew had his own spirits company prior to this and so has the credentials and experience to make Renegade Rum a success.  This second edition release follows on from a previous release of four in 2007.

This imited second edition is due to the rare stock that Renegade source.  I have spotted them on the web at The Laddie Shop and the The Whisky Exchange and I'm told other outlets exist - Andrew will happily provide details of the nearest establishment selling Renegade Rums, to any person who would like to enquire, along with a full list of mail order stockists.  We are told that there will only be 900 - 1,500 numbered bottles of each rum available for worldwide distribution.  It seems the rums have been well received - in 2007 they were sold in 12 countries, this is expected to rise to 35 countries in 2009.

It's a little sad, but it seems it's my fate to report on limited edition/hard to find rum at the moment - we won't be seeing it in our local Wetherspoons, but then the product itself is a lot more special and should be savoured without inebriated Stella drinkers grunting in your earhole!  All the same - I wish that fine rum could be more widely available.  This is a fact that Andrew bemoans as well - he would be more than happy to see more bars, resturants, hotels and clubs, as well as the specialist wine ans spirit stores looking to embrace and promote the premium and super premium rums currently available.

Each of the six, limited edition bottlings have been taken from single estates and a single vintage.  As previously mentioned, these are rare stocks - some no longer exist or have may have been rarely seen in their unblended state.  The normal used of American Oak Bourbon barrels is complimented by the careful matching of premium French oak casks to the rum's original character.  This allows the rum to obtain a greater complexity during further maturation.  The claim is made that they are unique in the use of Bordeaux first growth casks.  Casks from Chateau's Latour, Lafite, Margaux, Haut Brion and Climens are all listed as contributors to the additional maturation process.

The rum is bottled on Islay using spring water and to a strength of 46% alc/vol. across the range and the process is carried out without addition of colouring or the use of chill-filtration in order to preserve the cask flavours.

The retail sales prices start at £54.99 [1998 Guyana, Enmore] for the top end down to £36.99 [2000 Jamaica, Hampden / Barbados, Black Rock] at the other.

The packaging is extremely stylish and does (without a doubt) look the part.  I'm pleased to say that I've been able to sample each of the rums just released and they don't disappoint.  I'll let other more splendid fellows give you their tasting notes - my inexperienced tongue won't do them justice, but I certainly enjoyed the experience and will be looking to source a bottle or two.

Plans are afoot to continue with further releases in the future.  Stay tuned for more news.

More information to be found at:  http://renegaderum.com/

Sales Director & Co Proprietor - Andrew Gray This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Interesting review of the first edition release:  http://www.refinedvices.com/Renegade-Rum-Company



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