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Thursday, 19 April 2012 14:19

Will The Captain Kill The Kraken? 

Captain Morgan Black Spiced RumTheFloatingRumShack.com recently received some information on an exciting new product from Diageo: Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum.  And whilst it’s not yet been released in the UK I couldn’t help but be interested for a number of reasons.  Oh and we are trying to find out if and when the UK might see it - but didn't want to delay releasing the story because of it.

I like the fact it’s a proper full strength rum, 47.3%ABV no less and quite obviously placed to take on the other 47%ABV, Black spiced rum: Kraken.  I’m sure that if it does turn up in the UK, it will end up being watered down like the UK version of Kraken is, although it’s still a respectable 40%ABV.

I’m also intrigued about the suggested serve – over ice – that statement alone speaks to me about the thought that’s gone into it.  The image of the drinker is one thing, but carrying off a strong spirit that is sipper, albeit with ice to take the edge off.  The other side of the background thinking is that they (the marketing team) have created all manner of back plot about ghosts and bones etc.  All rather silly to me, but I think it’s guaranteed to work out well for them and gives the advertisers plenty to work with.

I’ll let you run through the release as it was presented to me (and it is of course for the target US market), but I must just close out with some congratulations: Taylor, the PR & Marketing company working with Diageo have put together the sort of easily accessible assets package that really should win awards for completeness.  Bravo sirs – if only more could follow your lead!


Captain Morgan Rum Company Unveils Darker Side and Invites Fans to Step into

the Black with Launch of Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

Inspired by the bolder, more mysterious side of notorious and legendary privateer Henry Morgan, the Captain Morgan Rum Company today introduced Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum, a premium and authentic addition to the brand’s category-leading spiced rum portfolio.

Captain Morgan Black Spiced RumCaptain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is the ideal spirit for adult consumers who choose adventure over convenience. Created with the whiskey occasion in mind, this bold new liquid is best suited for a more interesting night, where the evening drifts into mysterious corners just to see what awaits. Because it’s the unexpected nights we remember most, Captain Morgan Rum Company invites consumers to Step into the Black.

Crafted from the finest Caribbean Blackstrap rum and select ingredients, including rich clove spice and premium cassia bark, the liquid is finished with double charred blackened oak for a premium, smooth taste. The bold liquid carries the exotic taste of cinnamon and clove, followed by hints of warm spice and vanilla for a smooth finish. Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is best enjoyed on the rocks, but is also delicious as the key ingredient in edgy, new twists on classic cocktails, such as Henry Morgan’s Old Fashioned.

The look and feel of the bottle itself is vastly different from the brand’s best-selling Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum. Intricate details like a wrap-around label created from vintage parchment paper that is adorned with hand-drawn ingredients, as well as copper foil accents and a cork stopper give Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum an air of masculinity and sophistication. As the liquid leaves the bottle, images of Captain Henry Morgan’s casket and skeleton are revealed inside the bottle on the backside of the label.

The unique packaging offers a glimpse into the mysterious story behind Morgan’s death and burial in 1688 in Port Royal Harbour, Jamaica. Shortly after he was laid to rest, an earthquake rocked the shores of Jamaica, washing his casket out to sea, never to be seen again. Legend has it that his restless spirit lives on, sailing the Caribbean seas in search of his mortal remains—a legend that is embodied today in the new Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum.

“Captain Henry Morgan’s rich legacy and history are something we’ve always sought to bring to life through our offerings, but this is the first time we’re taking our inspiration from his mysterious side,” said Tom Herbst, Director of Marketing, Rums at Diageo. “Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is a mature and carefully crafted spirit that is meant to be savored like a fine whiskey or enjoyed in a classic cocktail. We believe this bold, interesting and unexpected new offering has the potential to make Captain Morgan the preferred spirit among a segment of consumers we don’t currently reach with our existing portfolio.”

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $21.99 for a 750 ml bottle at 47.3%ABV [US pricing].

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum 

Further bringing to life the intriguing and inspired world of Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum, the brand has partnered with FADER, the definitive voice of emerging music and the lifestyle that surrounds it, to encourage consumers to Step into the Black with exclusive parties across the country, featuring performances from notable up-and-coming music artists.

Additionally, a full marketing mix, including television, print and online advertising, as well as public relations, point of sale materials and a strong digital strategy will be implemented to launch Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum.

The new Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum commercials build upon the highly successful “To Life, Love and Loot” campaign, originally directed by Academy Award Winning Director Tom Hooper. The brand has partnered with critically-acclaimed writer and director Todd Field to produce three new spots to support the launch.

As consumers across the country discover this new and unforgettable liquid, Captain Morgan reminds you to raise your glass, always in moderation.

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum 



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