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Sunday, 29 August 2010 08:00

It’s Not Just Any Old White Rum! 

Pampero BlancoThe company that manufactures this rum is named after a three day thunderstorm that occurs over the plains of Latin America: a pampero.  As evocative as that image is, it really might make you feel that the rum in your glass should be wild and certainly not crystal clear.  The complete opposite of how you’ll find Pampero Blanco.

This lovely white rum is fresh, clean, sweet and fruity and well... very nice indeed!  And that’s just the smell.  Once you take a sip you’re presented with a light tasting rum that is perhaps not as full of flavour as you might expect.  A silky creaminess on the tongue with hints of toffee and a little vanilla.  Sipped neat you’ll notice the burn for sure.  Mixing a little water in with the Blanco releases a sweetness that is hinted at, but not noticed when enjoyed neat.

Pampero BlancoOnce again, as with the Especial – the Blanco has been formulated to be enjoyed in a cocktail or with your favourite mixer.  The information I’ve been given would suggest that the rum has been geared up for enjoying with cola.  This is perhaps borne out by the suggested serve (and the accompanying text) that I’ll share a little later on.

Pampero Blanco is a blend of six months to four year old rum which has been aged in oak casks.  The majority of white rums are not aged at all.  The rum is aged in oak, therefore it picks up some colour during this time.  And whilst charcoal filtering the rum to remove the colour (and unavoidably) some of the flavour out of the rum sounds a little bonkers, it is performed with a higher ideal in mind.  The goal of course is to produce a white rum that might carry more of a premium tag – something a little smoother or exhibiting more character than there peer group.

Because of its aged rum origins, I’m not surprised that Pampero Blanco comes in at a similar price to the Especial – namely sub £20, circa £18.50.  It means that it’s going to be a little more expensive than some of its perceived peer group.  Is it worth the extra pound or two?  In my opinion: yes it is!  It will give you a different edge to your mixed drinks – a different flavour I think you’ll appreciate if you give it a go.

I mentioned the suggested ‘perfect serve’ and so I’d get you to read through the following and see what you think.

What is a Perfect Serve? A drink needs to have a balance between the three components below to be described as the perfect serve:

  • Acidity
  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness


Pampero Blanco: Cuba Libre

  • Fill a glass with ice to the top.
  • Add one measure of Pampero Blanco rum.
  • Top this up with Cola.
  • Add lime juice and perhaps some peel.
  • Mix in 1-2 drops of Angostura Bitters.


Here the acidity already existing in the rum is balanced with the lime juice. The sugar notes from the sugar cane in the rum balance with the sweetness of the cola. The bitterness of the rum comes from its time spent ageing in the wooden casks. This is balanced with the Angostura bitters. If other notes/flavours are introduced, an imbalance will be created.


Our final part of the Pampero trio comes in the form of Aniversario

Pampero Blanco


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