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Monday, 31 May 2010 22:00

Signature Drink!Wanted: A Signature Drink...

Reward: As much fame and prestige as we can generate... and some rum related goodies! 

In a first for TheFloatingRumShack.com, we are launching a cocktail competition to run through June 2010!  The best part?  It’s being run with our ‘bestest’ rum drinking buddies in the whole wide world...  A three way link up with RumConnection.com and RumDood.com.  Does it get any better than that?  I think not!

We are so excited about the concept, you just wouldn’t believe it!  Conceived whilst drinking rum in a bar in Key West (as all best laid plans should be), we are going to ask YOU, the valued readers to create for each of us, a signature drink that best captures the spirit of our respective (humble) websites.  You can submit just one drink, but to make it more fun we hope that you will submit one for each site.  If you go for just one or two, you need to confirm which site the drink has been created for.

The contest will run throughout June 2010 (see the terms and conditions), with the winner being announced early July.  The judges will be looking for something creative, inventive and of course – RUM based!  I’m not going to say that a signature drink should not include some other spirit – if someone came up with the modern take on the Long Island Iced Tea, then we would potentially be losing a valuable contribution to the cocktail world by saying no signature drink should not include vodka... but I will say that crappy base spirits with or without artificial flavours will not be looked upon with any great enthusiasm.

Signature Drink!So can you create the perfect ‘Rum Connection’, ‘Rum Dood’ or ‘Floating Rum Shack’ signature drink?

Each website will be choosing it’s own particular winner, but if the triumvirate of rum inspired websites agree that one special drink stands out to such an extent that we all unanimously agree, then I think we can probably find a little something extra to reward such a monumental effort.  No question – you will have to be on good form though!

How to enter?  Just email your entry to the respective websites - you'll need to check RumConnection.com and RumDood.com for their contact addresses.  But you can contact us on:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

It might be worth telling you a small amount about TheFloatingRumShack.com – it’s not meant to stifle your creativity, but perhaps it might help connect the neural pathways...

TheFloatingRumShack.com is a UK based website.  Our mission is to bring rum back to the UK.  There’s no doubt that rum has a long history – a large part of which is Navy related, as well as being inextricably linked to the Caribbean – but it extends far further than just those warm seas.  The UK is a country of diversity; with a colonial past which in reality makes the modern make up of day-to-day British life vibrant and exciting.  It’s a country that has sadly forgotten rum for the most part (no thanks to over-hyped, uninspiring spirits, but is re-learning thanks to the fantastic rum’s that head to our fair shores from all over the world.

Here at TheFloatingRumShack.com we love all rum based drinks from the ultra simple rum and coke, through to the daiquiri, mojito and right up to the Zombie, a drink that is so precise, that you have to count out the right number of drops of Pernod in order to get Don The Beachcomber recipe version just right!  So we will be happy to consider all drink submissions.

RumDood.com is a US based blog and one of my personal points of reference for rum based cocktails – it’s fair to say that Matt is a pretty fair mixologist in his own right.  Couple this with the detailed rum reviews that also feature and you have a great site you’ll be happy to come back to regularly.

RumConnection.com is 'the' news portal for all things cane spirit related.  A prolific publisher of news pieces that encompass the wide world of rum – it has to be an essential for anyone interested in this fine spirit.

Signature Drink!

There are of course a few terms and conditions.  We are attempting to run this competition across several countries.  This means that in my humble opinion something might come up that has not been previously considered.  We will do our very best to resolve any unforeseen issues of course, but the T’s & C’s need to run as follows:

Signature Drink Competition Terms and Conditions

  • Contestants must be residents of the United States of America (US) or United Kingdom (UK).
  • Contestants should submit drink recipes for a ‘Rum Dood’, ‘Floating Rum Shack’, and/or a ‘Rum Connection’ drink(s).  You can submit for just one or two or preferably go for broke and submit drinks for all three, but you must specify which drink is for which site.
  • The winner(s) will be chosen by the writers/editors/grand poohbahs of the three sites.  The winning drinks and their creators will get their names (figuratively speaking) in lights on all three sites and get to be the person responsible for creating the sites' official signature drink.  We reserve the right to introduce additional celebrity judges during the completion.
  • TheFloatingRumShack.com, RumDood.com and RumConnection.com have final say on the winning entries.
  • In addition to the fame befitting the winner(s), you will also receive booze-related schwagg which will be confirmed before the competition ends.
  • All submissions must be received before midnight on June 30th but because we are dealing with a rather large time zone spread, TheFloatingRumShack.com is going to be generous and offer the UK readers an extra 8 hours as RumDood.com is based in California – thus midnight is based upon midnight California time!
  • Winner(s) will be announced on or before the 5th July (depending upon how well the across-time zone conversations go).
  • All cocktails must FEATURE rum as the dominant spirit.  No "cleverness" of having a rum drink with no rum.  Duh!
  • You MUST be of legal drinking age in your country of residence to enter this competition.  For our US readers that’s 21, but for the lucky UK based crowd it’s 18!  We must add the disclaimer that individual states may have laws that we will need to abide by.  Don’t risk disappointment by entering the competition knowing that you can’t win!
  • TheFloatingRumShack.com, RumDood.com and RumConnection.com will be using your submission in future posts and articles for which you will be identified as the creator.  No royalties or monitory payments will be made now or in the future.  By entering you have transferred the use of and all associated rights of the submitted drink to the owners of the respective website(s).  You will be acknowledged as the creator of the drink on the respective website(s).  If you want to trademark your drink and then levy a charge upon us (‘us’ being the three afore mentioned websites) for future use do not submit it as an entry in this competition!


Of course if you are in doubt: ask – we will do our best to answer your questions!  And remember – rum is fun...  Enjoy!


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