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Sunday, 01 March 2009 19:55

An End of Month Treat: Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

Diplomatico Reserva ExclusivaThe end of the month can only mean one thing those of us whom aren't filthy rich: pay day!  For me, that normally means a little treat.  I've already made a selection in my mind.  I purchased a bottle of the Diplomatico Reserva before Christmas and it was fantastic.  Sweet, smooth and lovely - the bottle didn't last long and the only remains of it are in the hip flask on the shelf above my PC.  I've had my eye on the Exclusiva for a while and can't hold back any more.

Diplomatico Reserva ExclusivaI've got an errand to run in Leicester Square and it seem only natural to combine it with a trip to The Vintage House, where I know I can pick up the Exclusiva.  They have it on the shelf for £31.50.  I know that it can be purchased online and delivered safely to my door, but a trip to London makes a bit of a day of it.  A blast up the M40 and after dropping the car off at our secret parking spot, we find ourselves heading into that wonderful/strange part of London called Soho.  The Vintage House is easy to find and it's not long before we are heading back out into the hazy sunshine with the reassuring weight and slight discomfort of a couple of bottles of rum in a plastic carrier bag.  We run the errand in Leicester Square (to source some "iconic image" [double decker buses!] gifts for my Business trip to China) and head off back to the car.

It's strange to admit, but whenever I'm walking around with a reasonable value of rum in a bag, I'm always worried I might get mugged.  I just don't think that plea's to "take my wife and leave the rum" will be well received.  It's a little irrational maybe, but it's not until we are closing the boot of the car on our purchases that I relax a little.  The other purchase was a bottle of the Angostura 7 year old - more about that later.

The rest of Saturday consists of a trip to Cotton's (which is deserving of a piece all to itself).  Sunday comes and the Exclusiva is still unopened and both the Cricket in the West Indies and a piece I'm writing on Mount Gay Eclipse conspire to consume most of my time.  It's not until late on when eventually Pauline brings me both a couple of empty glasses and the bottle that I concede that I can no longer hold back and it's time!

So, was it worth the extra couple of quid over the Reserva?  Yes - I believe it was.  The same sweetness, smoothness are present, but this time with a heavier texture that is extremely pleasurable.  This is a drink that won't last long in our house and in my mind at least reinforces the depth and breadth of rum experiences to be had if you have the presence of mind to look around a little.

I have to get back on the rum quest and I know it will be a little while before I get back the Diplomatico range, but I'm certainly glad that I've treated myself this time.


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