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Tuesday, 08 November 2011 21:41

The Ambassador is really spoiling us... 

Diplomático Ambassador SelectionIt’s got to be one of the longest periods of time I’ve ever waited for a sip of rum.  One year to be precise...  Last year at RumFest (October 2010) – we caught sight of what was being heralded as being an Ultra Premium release from Destilerias Unidas S.A. [DUSA] of Venezuela.  DUSA produce the Diplomático range of rums.  All we had was a mocked up bottle and the promise of something special from Maestro Ronero: Tito Cordero!

It turned out that a constant barrage of emails pleading for information and samples didn’t work out the way I hoped, although we did file some Rum Gossip last November which turned out to be surprisingly accurate.  The launch party (briefly discussed in a more recent article) marked the global and UK launch and was to be the first of a series of events across Europe and the other markets in which Diplomático rums are sold.  It was also an opportunity to finally get a glassful to myself.

Diplomático Ambassador SelectionWorth the wait?  Well of course it was... even if the wait was intolerable at times...  Ambassador exhibits a degree of family resemblance of course in the flavour, but significantly different to be interesting.  I found it to be sweet and full of rich dried fruity notes.  I also found it to be gone far too quickly and so I had to go in search of another full glass – with this mission achieved, I was able to sip thoughtfully and enjoy this lovely rum a little more leisurely.  The sweetness comes of course from the finishing in Pedro Ximénez, but is controlled and not at all overpowering.

To recap the main details: 100% heavy pot rum is aged for a minimum of 12 years in small American white oak, ex-bourbon casks.  A further two years in Pedro Ximénez changes the character of the rum, naturally sweetening and lending a dark chestnut colour to the rum contained therein.  Unlike the Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva which is enhanced with a little cane sugar, the Ambassador Selection is completely untouched – no sweeteners, caramel or other additives.

Ambassador is bottled straight from the barrel at an unusually high 47%ABV.  It’s claimed (in the press release) that the higher ABV means that chill-filtration is not required, although in actual fact, I seem to recall, that to not employ chill-filtration was a production decision that meant the spirit in the bottle would present itself much more nicely, albeit with the potential for some harmless side effects due to the extremely cold temperatures encountered in transportation.  Chill-filtration removes some of the fatty acids that contribute to mouth feel, but as with anything, despite best attempts to filter only specifics – some flavour elements would also be removed.  I believe that the side effects that the cold might bring is a slightly cloudy or hazy look.  Note to self: must look into this process further!

At this point I could mention “...Diplomático Ambassador is bottled straight from the barrel in order to preserve the full expression of its organoleptic properties” as the brand manual does.  I’m not sure who is responsible for the use of “organoleptic”, but I’d have thought that a brand manual should seek to enlighten directly, rather than have the reader reach for a dictionary.  That said the word is very useful for Scrabble if nothing else...

I guess what the editor was trying to say is that this rum is extremely complex on the flavour front.  And they would be right too.  It’s amazing – it’s the sort of rum you can sip and luxuriate in the array of flavours passing over your palate.  So very smooth and almost creamy in terms of mouth feel.  A fabulously long finish completes the experience.

The packaging makes a strong statement, the bottle shape doesn’t quite work for me, but the ‘coin’ on the front and the large stopper are great touches.  The rather nice wooden case that the bottle comes in is also more than a little reminiscent of Black Tot, but then as Speciality Brands are behind both Black Tot and Diplomático Ambassador Selection – I’m not entirely surprised by this.  All in all it’s elegant and I’d quite like one for myself please, thank you very much!

Which brings me on to the next small detail...


You can purchase a bottle of Diplomático Ambassador Selection rum online at Master of Malt for £194.95 (inclusive of VAT, but not delivery), but even with delivery you should still get change from £200.  http://www.masterofmalt.com/rum/diplomatic-ambassador-rum/


Note: Organoleptic: adj. affecting the organs of sense.



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