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Monday, 23 July 2012 20:32

Leaving a Legacy… 

The EncantadorMonday night… Cocktails at The Savoy?  Yeah… why not?

The reason?

Well, a chance to try each of the Bacardi Legacy UK winners cocktails in the oh-so-very lovely setting of The Savoy, along with one of this year’s three ‘most promising’ really was too much to pass up.  The fact that the creative genius behind each of the cocktails was also going to be there to tell us about their inspiration and experiences was the icing on the cake!

The event was held in the cosy surrounds of the Savoy Museum and the brain child of Chris Moore, the Head Bartender of the Beaufort Bar (also at The Savoy).  Chris not only put together a fabulous evening, he also managed to get three of the bright lights of the drinks industry under the same roof at the same time – no mean feat we think – and simply put, the event was a celebration of what is best about the competition.

Initially the Legacy competition was a UK only event and Ago Perrone became the first winner with his Mulata Daisy. This fine cocktail starts to set the scene for a winning format to come. Namely, the simplicity of the drink, the connection to the classic Cuban cocktails, a ‘twist’ ingredient that raises the profile of the drink and crucially doesn’t forget the most important element of a cocktail: to be something that people will want to drink again and again.


I’ve personally never been too much of a fan of the Mulata cocktail, but this is a drink I could very happily come back to.

Next up the Angel’s Draft, presented by a good friend of TheFloatingRumShack.com: Matthew DakersWe’ve written about the Angel’s Draft before and being presented with this subtly different version, I was no less impressed.  Matthew had strong story behind the drink and gave an excellent, assured presentation. 


Matthew DakersAngels Draft 
Zdenek KastanekLa Hermosa


The current UK winner: Zdenek Kastanek presented La Hermosa with its story of ingredients that comprise the cocktail. TheFloatingRumShack.com missed the phase of the competition that Zdenek competed in – however we were around on the Finals night when he was chosen to represent the UK in the Global Finals in Puerto Rico. Zdenek may have been beaten by Shingo Gokan, but I thought La Hermosa was awesome – a swizzled drink which I’m sure we will return to time and again.



So with the past and present covered, the stage opened up for Chris Moore – as previously mentioned, Chris is one of the current ‘most promising’ and so part of his role over the coming months is to work hard to promote The Encantador to the world, thus spreading both his own presence and the good name of Bacardi to all that will listen.  Having the weight of The Savoy behind him will help – but Chris still needs to ensure the response is good and that he is seen to do more than his fellow competitors Daniel Boveyand Gordon Purnell.

The Encantador is a great reference to the Cuban past, ties in very nicely with The Savoy and to top it all is a great cocktail – we have written about it before, but it’s probably worth recapping for the benefit of all:

   40ml Bacardi Superior
   25ml Lemon juice
   15ml Vanilla Sugar
   10ml Aperol
   3 dashes Eau-de-Framboise

   Shaken with ice and double strained into a coupette.  Garnish: twist of lemon peel.


 The EncantadorThe Encantador: Chris Moore 
 The EncantadorLeaving a legacy...


The evening was really entertaining – to hear the past and present winners speak about their experiences was very special and I can’t help but feel that if Chris wins – the complete package of cocktail and creator would fit right it nicely!  Recently, Chris promoted The Encantador to the masses at Taste of London and as I write this article, he’s based in New York, guesting at Angel’s Draft (the very bar that Shingo Gokan works at) and will be sure to be taking The Encantador to the thirsty NYC masses. We’re pretty interested to see where The Encantador rocks up next!

Leaving a legacy... 



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