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Tuesday, 28 August 2012 18:45

At The Kenilworth Cocktail Lounge… 

Best Rums in the World TastingSo TheFloatingRumShack.com gets a text message along the lines of:  ‘Thursday 19th July 2012: 'Best Rums in the World' Tasting...  Allow me to walk you through ten (yes, ten) of the world's greatest rums in one evening and learn all about what makes rum tick!’

Well we thought it would be rude not to pop along and see what Robert Wood, the Bar Manager of The Kenilworth Cocktail Lounge – a well known rum fan and friend of TheFloatingRumShack.com would consider being in his top 10.

A £75 ticket gained guests access to the upstairs snug where Rob presented his selection.  The group was deliberately limited to just ten people, plus Rob.  Given the space, the numbers were just right – cosy, social and not right on top of each other!

Rob’s selection allowed us to get a feel for each of the styles of rum – typical English style, French agricole and Spanish.  The world of rum is vast and to choose just ten is difficult – but we have to agree that Rob’s section really didn’t include a single pup at all!  Ranging from the affordable through to the expensive and on to the pretty much irreplaceable in the form of the Pyrat Cask 23!

Best Rums in the World TastingA lovely twist on the ‘regular’ tastings that we attend was the pairing of something to eat with the rum in question.  Spicy jerk king prawns, cherries dipped in 80% chocolate and coconut ice cream to name but three.  All the pairings were expertly chosen to enhance the flavour characteristics of the rum and to compliment the overall experience.  I take my hat off to Rob’s Gran for her rum cake recipe – completely amazing!  And I would have happily eaten a bucket of the coconut ice cream…

The evening started with a favourite: Appleton Estate Extra (12yo) and finished on something truly amazing – hardly a sipper at 54%ABV, but the British Royal Navy Imperial Reserve Rum is a real part of history and to all intents and purposes – irreplaceable!  We took in some personal favourites along the way!

The rum was presented in a style of glass that Rob felt presented the spirit to the drinker.  That might sound a little odd – but if the best quality of the rum was in the aroma’s rather than the way it hit’s your tongue, then Rob has a glass for it!  We particularly like the ones with the little lids on…

Best Rums in the World Tasting 

The group seemed to be a mix of rum fans of differing levels of experience and whilst I think I’ve heard quite a bit of rum related info over the last few years, I was still pleased to learn new things.  It was both informative and fun as rum should be!  Rob presented and naturally led a lot of the conversation, but everyone present added to the rum chat and in the end it was a shame that we had to haul ourselves out and back home.  The distance to the event was the killer – made for a late night – but I think we’d be serious contenders for another round if it came up and I’d very much recommend future events to other rum fans (of any experience).

Best Rums in the World Tasting

Best Rums in the World Tasting 


Rums and pairing in presentation order:

Appleton Estate Extra / Jerk Spiced King Prawn
Mezan 1991 Caroni / Grilled Pineapple Lollipop
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva / Banana Salted Caramel
Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva / Terry’s Chocolate Orange [yes really – and it was fab!]
Ron Zacapa Solera 23 / Cherries dipped in 80% chocolate
St. James Millesime 2000 / Coconut ice cream
Mount Gay 1703 / Homemade rum cake
El Dorado 21 Year Old / Rum soaked raisins
Pyrat Cask 23 / Custom ‘Ghana’ blend chocolate
British Royal Navy Reserve / Canon fire!


If you’d like to try any of these rums (excluding the Pyrat Cask 23 as that was from Rob’s private collection), then you need only visit The Kenilworth Cocktail Lounge, where Rob or one of the fab team there will be only too glad to sell you some by the glass!




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