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Lani Kai – Tiki Mondays with Miller E-mail
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Wednesday, 05 September 2012 19:32

Pirates, Tiki cocktails & Rock n' Roll... Need We Say More? 

Lani Kai – Tiki Mondays with MillerIf TheFloatingRumShack.com ever gets its arse in gear and gets itself over to New York, then there are a few places we’ve already earmarked as “must-do” watering holes.  Lani Kai is one of them.

Recently Tiki Mondays with Miller popped up in my Facebook news feed – initially caught by the Tiki’s and then the fact that the larger than life pirate character of Brian Miller was involved – we were keen to find out more.  The fact that 3,500miles separates us from NYC wasn’t going to stop us – we had to dispatch Derek, Pauline’s lil bro and rum adept conveniently based in NYC to find out more and (braving more than a few alcoholic beverages) he tells us:

Lani Kai is hidden in the heart of Soho. The bar is a mix of NY chic and Hawaii hospitality.  It’s an intimate friendly care free bar, with an eclectic range of visitors: trendies, mods, business people and couples in their 20’s 30’s and 40’s.  The bar music reflects this The Jam to Pharcyde!  <oh shit!>

The first drink I tried was a “Neck Tat” created by Zach Gelnew Rubin a rich tangy rum based drink, which reminded me of good times in the Caribbean.  Next up was a “Swallywag” created by Brian Miller – a refreshing drink!  The Hoist the Colours punch very impressive – served in a large ice block.

Lani Kai – Tiki Mondays with Miller 

Ice is taken seriously and there was an array of shapes created for various drinks – the conical surround to a straw, carved oversized cubes, a baton of which the sphere contains a Tiki skull (the photo doesn’t do it justice) and the square bowl containing the Hoist the Colours for example.

Lani Kai – Tiki Mondays with Miller 

Oh, and Brian Miller said he might be following you on Twitter (he’s new to it so not so sure)!

He is btw – Pete – and if you want to follow Brian, then he can be found at: http://twitter.com/tikiderelict - with TheFloatingRumShack.com at http://twitter.com/FloatingRumShac (yes we are missing the “K” – damn and blast Twitter for its character limit!)

Lani Kai – Tiki Mondays with Miller

Lani Kai – Tiki Mondays with Miller 

So it sound like Derek had a great night and he has subsequently told us that he’ll be heading back in future.  Perhaps to find out about the Pirate thing – more than a little odd here in the UK, but didn’t even seem to register with Derek?  Well I suppose Derek does live in NYC – I guess that kinda immunises you to ‘strange’ – especially as we’ve seen some of the pictures he posts on his timeline… 

So why my desires for Lani Kai?  Well, its Facebook description of Liquid Luau helps!  Also that Lani Kai “celebrates the beauty and flavours of the tropics, bridging the gap between restaurant and lounge” is a great way of exciting us.  Its creator: Julie Reiner seems to be a fusion of Hawaii and NYC in her upbringing and has a great track record with The Clover Club and Flatiron Lounge also on her CV.  Oh, and we’re suckers for Tiki of course.

The question remains though… why the pirate thing Brian?



http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lani-Kai/150138011701547 http://twitter.com/lanikainy



Lani Kai – Tiki Mondays with Miller

Lani Kai – Tiki Mondays with Miller 



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